Clay Face Mask With Aloe Vera

New -34% Clay Face Mask With Aloe Vera
About the product

  • FLAWLESS QUALITY CLAY FROM THE DEEPEST LAYERS OF THE SOIL: This clay is sourced from Komenda, Slovenia, deep from some of the most mineral rich ground in the world. It has been in the ground for millions years, naturally accumulating dozens of minerals essential for healthy skin.

  • TRANSFORM THE HEALTH OF YOUR SKIN: This mask doesn’t just deeply nourish every layer of the skin with minerals and micronutrients. It actually binds to the impurities left by cosmetics and pollution and draws them out of the skin, leaving your face looking significantly fresher and younger.

  • WITH ORGANIC ALOE VERA: The natural bentonite clay has been enriched with pure, organic aloe vera. It contains 75 skin healing components - including vitamins, minerals, saccharides and amino acids - to help your face look even more hydrated, firm, healthy and young after treatment.

  • YOU’LL SEE A DIFFERENCE IMMEDIATELY: You will love how your skin feels after use. Your face will look radiant as soon as you wash the mask off, with a soft natural glow that you’ve ever seen before. You’ll immediately notice softer, clearer and firmer skin. It’s invigorating and deeply satisfying.

  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We travelled the world to find the most nutritionally rich source of bentonite clay for this face mask. If other people in your life don’t notice how much better your skin looks after using this mask, we’ll give you every penny of your money back.

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