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Everyone’s journey to wellness is a unique one. Only you can truly know what health is to you. Around the world there are a myriad of different tools and practices you can use to help you on your path. From the depths of the Amazon to the heart of Africa, we gather the materials and wisdom that provide clarity, health, and joy so you can select the ones that are right for your journey.

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There is a world of healing out there, much of it passed down from generation to generation in some of the most remote corners of the world.


Released from within mother-earth herself. Crystals are a conduit to wellness, their healing properties have become more well known in recent years, with many celebrities extolling their virtues. Finding the right healing crystal for you can seem like an overwhelming proposition. We have consulted with leading experts from the villages of Sumatra to the
mountains of Peru to identify the right crystals for you to use on your quest to wellness only. Obsidian, Quartz, Amethyst and more, each with an individual energy, ready to cleanse, charge and purify you.

Chinese Healing

Drawing on 3,500 years of Eastern learning this branch of medicine is far older than anything developed in the west. The techniques & solutions we have sourced from this part of the world can be traced to the time of Confucius and beyond. We have consulted with some of China’s most experienced specialists to curate this selection. Combining the most healing natural elements with ancient knowledge to produce a range of treatments to return your body to health.

Soaps & Cosmetics

Handmade, artisanal soaps formed with traditional ingredients and methods. Designed to boost the body’s own natural protections and relax the senses. Perfect to reconnect mind & body.


Specially tailored remedies for your faithful friend’s health. These items allow you to share your sense of well being with the animals in your life and promote a deeper connection between you. Crystals – Revered all over the world. These healing crystals are a gift from deep within the bosom of mother-earth herself. Carefully extracted to provide you with the wellness your body deserves.

Women's Health

A world of health, carefully refined, to help you discover your best you. The body is not something to battle or to hate, it is something to work with. Find harmony with your body and use it to guide you on your path to wellness. Whether you are looking for a sense of happiness, strength or purity, the right product to support your journey can be invaluable. Don’t try and do it alone, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help on your path to health. Women’s Health isn’t about being fitter, or slimmer, it’s about being the most whole you.


A key device for any wellness practitioner looking to achieve a bio-energy balance. Orgonites are the perfect way to achieve spiritual growth, cleanse negative energy, deepen your meditative experience and protect you from EMF radiation. We are surrounded by mobile devices these days, all emitting damaging rays. With Organite shielding you, you can pass through life safe in the knowledge that you are protected from the harmful effects of EMF radiation. Cleansing the bodies energies is an important ritual for any wellness practitioner.

Nourish your Mind

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to help you make the right choices.



Amazing Gemstone

Amazing Gemstone

Robin Chapman

Buyer Review: This black tourmaline crystal jewellery was exactly what I was looking for. It arrived quickly and is even more beautiful in person than in the photos. I love it and plan to wear it all the time. As if the product weren’t awesome enough, customer service from Ayana Wellness was phenomenal. I will definitely be checking out other products from this seller.

“Health is not just absence of disease but a wholeness that involves physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing”.

– Sadhguru

Buyer Review: I am soo happy with my purchases from this company. I purchased 2 Selenite gemstone pendant necklaces and 2 Aquamarine gemstone pendant necklaces. These pendants are incredibly beautiful! I purchased one of the necklaces for me and 3 more necklaces as gifts for my friends. They have excellent customer service, too!

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