5 Crystals To Get You Started On Your Crystal Healing Journey


If you have not tried crystal healing, then you are missing out on something really effective. Crystals heal and have been doing so since ancient times.

Crystals are nature’s gift of us. Their appearance and characteristics largely depend upon the type of mineral that forms them, their surroundings and the conditions existing at the time of formation.

Crystals through history

Crystals held a pride of place in many ancient cultures and religions of the world. The upper-class Romans used crystals in amulets and talismans, mainly for protection, health, prosperity and luck in battle. The ancient Greek soldiers rubbed their bodies with certain crystals in the belief that they will make them invincible. The ancient Egyptians used crystals to help the dead in their afterlife.

The healing touch

Crystals have amazing healing powers, as they influence physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual. Let’s see 5 popular crystals and their healing prowess:

1. Rose Quartz

This crystal of love is most effective in curing relationship problems and emotional trauma caused by heartbreaks. On the physical plane, it heals heart ailments, calms the nerves, increases blood circulation, decreases stress, boosts fertility and protects against radiation. It clears the mind of confusion, counters stress, balances hormone levels and boosts the immune system. This crystal is so effective because it influences the chakras.


2. Amethyst

A unique curative property of Amethyst is its calming effect. This is the reason why it is called the calming stone. In addition, this stone has amazing healing powers too that influences the individual on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It boosts the immune system, stimulates metabolism, counters stress and helps in sleeping soundly. This stone is especially effective against subtle diseases.



3. Green Aventurine

Associated with the heart chakra, Green Aventurine is a heart healer. It also protects against the harmful electromagnetic radiations. It is a soothing stone that curbs anger, stress and annoyance. It also turns negative emotions into positive feelings. By grounding the vibrational field, it calms the mind and remedies all kinds emotional and mental disturbances.




4. White Howlite

This cauliflower-head lookalike has some exceptional healing properties. Its color may range from white to light gray with brown or black veins. White Howlite has a calming effect on overactive minds and acts as a sleeping aid for insomniacs. On the physiological level, this crystal is known to balance calcium in the body, thereby strengthening teeth, bones and soft tissues. It also reduces emotional pain and mental disturbances.


5. Lepidolite

Also known as a peace stone, Lepidolite raises self-confidence and helps in overcoming emotional dependency. It has been used as a stress buster and as an aid for restful deep sleep. On the physical level, this crystal alleviates problems associated with sciatica, joint pain and neuralgia.





Sourcing the crystals

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