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About Ayana Wellness

Gaia has so many gifts to offer a wellness practioner: crystals from the Andean Rainforest, remedies from the Orient and Orgonites from the Namibian plains. Ayana seeks out the very best from around the world to bring them to you on your path to health and happiness. We have spoken to some of wisest and most knowledgeable teachers on our journey to ensure the products and methods we promote are the best and purest available. We have been using many of the items and wisdom you can see here for generations, we know what works and we know what doesn’t. Whether you want to cleanse your bio-energy, improve your health using the body’s natural techniques or simply find greater clarity, we have the means to help you. We have travelled to all four corners of the globe to uncover the best in healing knowledge to share them with you. Earth’s most special treasures, within your reach.


Ayana – bringing a world of wellness to you.