Amazing Healing Powers Of Golden Rutilated Quartz




Golden Rutilated Quartz is commonly found in numerous locations throughout the world. It is not only valued as a semi-precious stone, but also for its amazing healing powers.




The making of Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is distinguished by strands of rutile running within its crystalline structure. Rutiles are nothing but needle-like strands composed of titanium dioxide mineral that may contain large amounts of iron oxide. It is this increased quantity of iron oxide that infuses the golden strands into the Quartz crystal.

Depending upon the composition of rutile, the color of the crystal may also range from brassy-yellow to copper to red to red-brown. Rutilated Quartz with significantly less iron oxide appears darker and, in some cases, even black.

The golden rutile visible in this clear Quartz gives this stone a most enchanting look. This is the reason why this stone is popularly called the Venus-hair stone. Although Golden Rutilated Quartz is the most potent among the rutilated Quartz crystals, others in different colors may have differing effects in healing.

In certain cases, the Quartz crystal instead of being clear may appear as smoky or semi-opaque. This also has a bearing on its effectiveness as a healing stone.

Sources of Golden Rutilated Quartz

This stone is found abundantly in countries like Brazil, Germany, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Switzerland and these countries are the main sources of this stone.

Characteristics of Golden Rutilated Quartz

Like other Quartz crystals, Golden Rutilated Quartz is a strong amplifier of energy. What makes it more powerful is the intense energy generated by the threads of rutile that combine with the natural power of the Quartz crystal.

This helps create intense energy and enhanced vibration that affects the body and mind holistically.

On the spiritual level, the stone helps in stimulating spiritual creativity. Since this crystal is a powerful amplifier of thoughts, it helps in garnering divine inspiration by bringing the person in contact with the divine.


Healing properties of Golden Rutilated Quartz

There are many benefits of having Golden Rutilated Quartz on person or in the vicinity, since it:

  • Cleanses and energizes the body.
  • Counters negative energy and filters out the existing negative energy from the body.
  • Stabilizes mood swings and helps get rid of dark moods.
  • Keeps fears, anxiety and phobias at bay.
  • Helps gain concentration and mental clarity.
  • Augments cell regeneration, increases flow of energy throughout the body, and eases respiratory and heart problems at physical level.
  • Boosts spiritual growth and illuminates the soul at spiritual level.

Using Golden Rutilated Quartz crystal

To gain the full benefits of Golden Rutilated Quartz crystal, it can be worn in a pendant. This will not only remove the kinks from life but will also help in developing psychic abilities. This is because this powerful crystal energizes higher mind, as it is associated with higher chakras, that is, heart chakra and above.

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