Amazonite – The Stone Of Truth And Courage

It is not only the captivating hues of turquoise-green that sets the Amazonite crystal apart, but also its amazing powerful energy, the hallmark of the legendary Amazonian women warriors. However, this crystal does not use this energy for destructive purposes, but for tempering aggression, and maintaining harmony and balance.

Physical properties of Amazonite

The turquoise-green Amazonite is a variety of microcline, a potassium-rich alkali feldspar. However, its color may vary from bluish-green to pure green to much paler hues. It may even have white, yellow or gray encrustations.

This crystal is found in both translucent and opaque forms.

What makes Amazonite so appealing is its vitreous luster that turns out to be spider-webbed marble with pearly iridescence, when polished. Unlike other gemstones, Amazonite is not a hard stone and may get easily damaged. Therefore, care needs to be taken when wearing this stone.

Significance of Amazonite

Amazonite is also known as the Stone of Truth or the Stone of Courage, since it empowers one to seek the truth and embrace honesty and higher values. The stone encourages free expression and provides courage to speak one’s mind.

This stone exercises great influence on the chakras, especially the Heart and Throat chakras. It also balances the masculine and feminine energies, infuses compassion for others and enhances communication skills.

Amazonite has been credited with prosperity and healing. Its curative powers were known in ancient India, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Sudan. It has been used in jewelry and construction since antiquity. It has been used for adorning building facades and used in the Egyptian funerary text in ‘Book of the Dead’. A scarab ring with Amazonite stone that belonged to Tutankhamen was found among his treasures.

Therapeutic powers of Amazonite

The energy held in the Amazonite crystal helps in physical healing. Let’s see its benefits:

●  Helps maintain good health.

●  Relieves muscle spasm, cures illnesses and heals injuries.

●  Helps in rejuvenating the nervous system by removing blockages for smooth flow of neural impulses.

●  Beneficial in remedying throat and thyroid issues.

●  Balances metabolic processes.

●  Works wonders for those with calcium deficiency; keeps osteoporosis and osteoarthritis at bay.

●  Prevents hair loss and brittle nails.

●  Wards off infections, soothes rashes and cures blisters merely by rubbing it on affected areas.

●  Treats sexual disorders, such as impotence, vaginitis and priapism. Also helps in childbirth.

Amazonite is also an excellent stone for emotional healing. Let’s see what all it does:


●  Calms the mind by alleviating fear and worry.


●  Turns anger and irritability into positivity, thereby calming the mind.

●  Provides emotional balance.

●  Boosts self-esteem and enhances the feelings of self-worth.

●  Strengthens relationships and boosts empathy.

Using Amazonite

To take the full benefits of Amazonite…

…wear it in jewelry as gemstones.

…use it as prayer beads.

…put it underneath the pillow.

…place it in the room in the form of an Amazonite pyramid, obelisk or statue.

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