Authorized Retailers

Manufacturer Warranty extends to Ayana Wellness® products only when they are purchased through our official Amazon seller account. To ensure your products are authentic, safe and of high quality, please purchase only through our official Amazon seller account.

Liquidation Items

As of January 1, 2019, the Ayana Wellness® manufacturer warranty does not apply to unauthorized sales of Ayana Wellness® products and such items have been classified as liquidation items.

Unauthorized Retailers/Resellers

Unauthorized Online Retailers/Resellers do not have direct access to the products manufactured by Ayana Wellness. So they may be selling products with low quality, substandard material having hazardous constituents and design variations which may be harmful to the user. For this reason, we don’t provide guarantee/warranty for such products nor do we entertain any kind of claims regarding such products.

The following online retailers have no relationship with the Ayana Wellness® Company and are some of the online sellers who are NOT authorized retailers of Ayana Wellness ® products. This is not a complete list and there are other non-authorized sites and sellers. We cannot vouch for the authenticity or condition of the products they sell, and we are not responsible for products purchased from these web sellers:

  • Arts from India
  • Wholesale Gem Shop
  • Arkenstone Shop
  • Western Dealz

With respect to sales on Amazon,, we provide a manufacturer’s warranty only for products purchased from our official Amazon seller account……….

The Manufacturer’s warranty will otherwise not apply, and in particular, will not apply to sales of products from unauthorized resellers which we consider liquidation items not permitted for resale on Amazon. When applicable, the manufacturer’s warranty is limited to returns of defective products within 6 months of purchase via Amazon’s return procedure.


Warranty: Products bought from a non-authorized retailer do not carry the original warranty. We will not be providing manufacturer warranty and assistance in case of any problem or issue with the product.

Counterfeit products: You should be aware that buying from a non-authorized retailer exposes you to the possibility of purchasing an item that is not a genuine Ayana Wellness® product.

Diverted Products: As these unauthorized retailers/resellers have no relationship with our company, we are unaware of the source of the products they are selling and consider them to be diverted.

These diverted products can be counterfeit, consisting of low quality material with harmful contents and may be having design defects and thus, may not be safe to use. This means if you buy our products from an outlet other than our authorized partners, we cannot guarantee that products are authentic, safe or having desired qualities.

So please buy safe and authentic products from our authorized official seller account only.