Ayana Wellness Offers Amazing Healing Crystals for Sale


From ancient times people knew that crystals heal. This gift of the Mother Nature is being effectively used to this day as natural healers. Ayana Wellness brings the ten best healing crystals that you can easily buy:

#1 Amethyst


This powerful crystal is renowned for its healing properties. Psychologically, this crystal infuses mental calmness by eradicating mental stress and soothing the nerves. Physically, it has been known to balance hormonal levels and strengthen the body’s immune system.

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#2 Citrine

This dynamic and energizing yellow crystal not only empowers the wearer, but also heals the body physically.  On the   mental level, it helps release anger and negative feelings. On physical level, it enhances stamina, rejuvenates the endocrine system and assists in proper metabolism.




#3 Fluorite

This crystal is not only hailed as the most colorful mineral, but is also famous as the protector gemstone. It wards off stress and anxiety, and clears mental confusion. It also helps in attaining spiritual tranquility. Purple fluorite, in particular, has been found to be highly therapeutic.





#4 Hematite

This silver-gray metallic crystal is a grounding and balancing stone that protects from all kinds of stressful situations.    This crystal is also a powerful aid in enhancing mental powers and evoking deep thought. On the physical level, this crystal strengthens the liver and is good for the spleen.





#5 Jade

Jade, renowned for intricate work of art, is a great healer too. It infuses inner calm and taps creativity. It also helps in understanding dream symbolism. On the physical level, this crystal is excellent in relieving physical aches and pains, and in flushing out toxins from the body.





#6 Kyanite

This is one of the best balancing crystals that align the chakras to not only wards off negative energies, but also opens   spiritual centers. On the physical level, it is a natural pain reliever and also assists in treating urogenital system, adrenal  glands, brain and muscle disorders.





#7 Lapis Lazuli

This powerful crystal has proven excellent for both body and mind. On the intellectual level, it      activates the higher mind and enhances intellectual ability. It also boosts yearning for knowledgeand learning. On the physical level, this crystal is known to heal ailments related to the throat, larynx, endocrine and thyroid glands.


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#8 Obsidian

Known for its grounding and protective properties, Obsidian has deep healing properties, so deep as to even heal the past life! This probably is related to healing one’s ancestral line. It wards off negative habits and enhances psychic abilities. It helps bring clarity and opens up opportunities for change.







#9 Rose Quartz

Also called the loving stone, Rose Quartz not only heals with its gentle energy, but is immensely potent with regard to sexual energy, as also in elevating spiritual feelings. In physical terms, the crystal proves most beneficial for heart ailments.


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#10 Turquoise

Turquoise purifies and dispels negative energy. It is an excellent crystal to balance the chakras that heal both mentally and physically.            On the mental level, it instills inner calm and prevents mood swings. On the physical level, it is most beneficial for the immune system, eyes and lungs.









Healing crystals for sale

While the internet is chock-a-block with offers of all kinds of crystals and stones, Ayana Wellness has something special to offer and that is 100% crystal purity. Healing crystals for sale at ayanaproducts.com are available at amazingly competitive prices.

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