Ayana Wellness Offers Natural, Organic and Palm Oil Free Soap Bars

If there is one oil that has courted controversy, it is the palm oil. This oil, extracted from the fleshy fruit of oil palms native to West and Southwest Africa, is now extensively produced in countries like Madagascar, Malaysia, Central America, Sri Lanka, West Indies, etc.

Uses of palm oil


Palm oil, well-known for its savory and earthy taste, is mainly used in cooking. Being least expensive, it retains its popularity among the masses all around the world.

However, palm oil has also found its way in many non-food products, such as soaps, cosmetics and toothpastes.

Although soap recipes using palm oil produce a hard and stable soap bar that readily lathers, it can be excessively drying on the skin, not to mention its other adverse effects on the body. However, this cheap oil continues to be used extensively in commercial soaps.

Why avoid palm oil?


There are many reasons for shunning palm oil as a cooking medium, due to its potential health risks.

Research has shown that continuous use of this oil increases the amount of bad cholesterol present in the body.

Reheated palm oil may also lead to plaque deposits in arteries and other types of heart diseases.


Even the use of this oil in products, especially soap bars, has a damaging effect on the body. This is the reason palm oil free soap bars are gaining in popularity.

Besides health risks, there are environmental issues too of using this oil. First and foremost is the issue of deforestation. An estimate presented by Friends of the Earth, an environmental network, suggests that 87 percent of Malaysia’s deforestation has been caused by palm oil plantations.


This deforestation has lead orangutans, a species that spends its entire life in trees, to near extinction.

A study indicates that if nothing is done about deforestation, these primates may become extinct within 12 years.

Another concern is the use of child labor in remote locations for harvesting palm oil.

The evidence is stacked against the use of palm oil, both in cooking and in products. This brings to fore the need for using palm oil free soap bars.

Ayana’s handmade palm oil free soap bars

An excellent option for palm oil free soap bars is Ayana Wellness’s range of handmade natural organic soaps. None of its soaps use palm oil. On the other hand, they contain some of the best and purest natural ingredients that have some amazing benefits for the skin and health, in general.

Depending upon what suits your skin the best, Ayana Wellness offers the following handmade natural organic palm oil free soap bars:

. Ayana’s Almond Rose Handmade Soap

. Ayana’s Kesar Badam Soap

. Ayana’s Charcoal Soap

. Ayana’s Neem Tulsi Handmade Soap

. Ayana’s Kumkumadi Face Wash Soap

. Ayana’s Daily Skin Detox Soap


These palm oil free soap bars possess their own unique qualities based on their ingredients. You can order them online at ayanaproducts.com.

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