Ayana Wellness Showcases The Best Orgonite Pendants For Sale

Orgonite is not a naturally occurring substance, but is a man-made one. It was created by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the early 20th Century. The constituents of Orgonite bestow unique properties to this substance that helps in healing.


Orgonite characteristics


Orgonite is an amalgam of resin, metal shavings and crystals, ormus and powdered seleinte. This blend of different constituents gives Orgonite unique healing properties. The healing process has a scientific basis.


The resin, the organic material in Orgonite, attracts and holds bioenergy, while the metal shavings, the inorganic material in Orgonite, simultaneously attracts and repels this energy. This gives rise to a scrubbing action that puts the crystals under pressure.


The piezoelectric properties of the crystals emit healing energy. The positive energy, so created by these constituents, drives out stagnant negative energy, leaving you in a vibrant state, with positive feelings.


Healing benefits of Orgonite


Orgonite balances and harmonizes bioenergy, called orgone, from which this substance has derived its name. Orgone is also known as chi or prana.


A unique feature of Orgonite crystal is it helps protect the individual and space around, from man-made radiations and leads to improved physical, mental and emotional health. Keeping Orgonite on person or in vicinity helps in unburdening from bad energy.


Bionized Black Tourmaline crystals


Black Tourmaline in one of the most powerful stones that alleviates the feeling of being scattered and disconnected. It also helps in keeping you grounded. This is because Black Tourmaline displays similar piezoelectric properties as quartz and gives off charge when under pressure.


Adding bionized Black Tourmaline crystals to Orgonite matrix doubles the piezoelectric effect of Orgonite, thereby consolidating the positive energy. At the same time, it creates an effective defense against harmful energies afflicting the body. Not only this, the combination also protects against harmful radiations of cellphones, microwave, computer, television and EMF.


Orgonite pendants for sale


There are various versions and designs of Orgonite pendants available online and in the market. One of the most aesthetically designed pendant is offered by Anaya Wellness at anayaproducts.com. What makes it so different from the usual run-of-the-mill Orgonite pendants is its unique features:


  • The pendant is large-sized, measuring 2 inches x 1.5 inches. The design of mottled black specks on a light background with a striking golden coil right in the center is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • The pendant comprises premium quality poly-resin with copper metal shavings (one of the best conductors of electricity), along with Cho Ku Rei piezo coil element and bionized Black Tourmaline crystals.
  • The pendant is suspended from an adjustable black leather cord measuring 16 to 24 inches.
  • The pendant is charged by a certified Reiki master, using Earth attunement and Shuman Resonant Frequencies.
  • The product comes with a free eBook that describes Orgonite in full details and the benefits that it offers.


Anaya Wellness is not only known for its quality products and purity of its crystals, but also for its most competitive pricing. Little wonder people throng to this website to order their favorite stones and crystals from the comfort of their homes.

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