Chakra Balancing And Healing


Chakras are channels located on key points of the body that act as channels for the energy to flow in and out constantly. Discovered by the ancient Hindus, the chakras regulate the energy by sending it out to the body and receiving it from the body.

Each chakra is associated with different sets of organs and systems. It provides them with energy to work efficiently. If the chakras are overactive or underactive they affect the body adversely.

For the body to remain perfectly healthy, chakra balancing and healing is required. This requires gauging how open or constricted is the state of the chakra. Chakras in perfect harmony will help create radiant health and happiness, and contribute towards peace and prosperity.

Colors and stones associated with chakras

Each chakra is associated with a color and its corresponding stone(s). Let us see the chakras, their associated colors and the best stones for chakra balancing and healing:

1. Soul Star chakra

 Color: White.


 Chakra stone: Indigo Kyanite is perfect for Soul Star chakra, since it primarily relates to higher chakras. The white energy of the crystal is a powerful restorative and aids in emotional balancing, bringing inner peace.


2. Crown chakra

Color: Violet and White.

Chakra stone: Blue Kyanite is ideal for chakra balancing and healing, since it stimulates the pineal gland and balances specific areas of the brain, the pituitary, the nervous system and all master glands.


3. Third Eye chakra

 Color: Purple and Indigo.

 Chakra stone: For chakra balancing and healing, the third eye chakra requires high energy crystals,   such as Moldavite that heals the organs in the vicinity, such as brain, eyes, ears and nose.



4. Throat chakra

Color: Blue.

Chakra stone: Eilat stone is a powerful Throat chakra crystal that keeps the thyroid gland and all other organs in the area in perfect health.


5. Higher Heart chakra

 Color: Pink and Turquoise.

 Chakra stone: Kutnohorite is the crystal associated with this chakra that keeps the thymus

 gland healthy and also boosts the immune system.



6. Heart chakra

Color: Green and Pink.

Chakra stone: The effective crystal for this chakra is the Natural Emerald Stone.

It overcomes physical problems of the breasts and the heart.


7. Solar Plexus chakra

 Color: Yellow.

 Chakra stone: Citrine crystal has been found to be most effective in chakra healing and balancing.

 It heals the problems in the solar plexus region, including stomach ailments. 



8. Sacral chakra

Color: Orange.

Chakra stone: Amber is a strong Sacral chakra stone that helps in overcoming emotional

difficulties and heals reproductive organs.

9. Base chakra

Color: Red and Black.

Chakra stone: Red Tourmaline has been found effective in restoring lack of sexual interest.

10. Earth chakra

Color: Black and Brown.

Chakra stone: Black Obsidian is one of the most powerful grounding stone that bestows health

and happiness.

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