Charoite – A Beautiful Stone That Protects And Heals

Where beauty is concerned, Charoite stands head and shoulders above other gemstones of its ilk. It is not only for its enchanting purple color with swirls of patterns, but also for its unmatched therapeutic effects. This makes it an indispensable stone in crystal therapy.


Charoite was discovered as recently as in the 1940s near River Chara in the region of eastern Siberia in Russia. Its name is derived from the name of the river. What is unique about this stone is it is found only in this region in the world and nowhere else.

The existence of this stone was disclosed to the outside world only in 1978. This may be because Russians wanted this stone all for themselves, since they credit it with possessing magic and charm. Incidentally, this is what ‘Chara’ in Russian means.

Physical aspects

Charoite, found in dense fibrous clusters, may exist as a translucent or opaque stone with a silky luster. It is composed of a number of elements, such as barium, calcium, hydrogen, oxygen, potassium, silicon, sodium and strontium with various other inclusions. All these elements and inclusions combine to give this stone its distinctive look.

Although predominantly purple, Charoite also exists in shades that may vary from violet to lavender. Such is the beauty of this stone that it has been termed ‘Charoite Jade’ and is valued as a decorative stone. The stone is heat sensitive.


The stone is associated with both heart and crown chakras. This infuses the user with spiritual energy and a feeling of unconditional love. Charoite inspires the user to serve others, living up to the adage ‘service before self’.

On the spiritual level, this stone facilitates merging with the divine source. It also aids in spiritual journey towards achieving the exalted state by stimulating higher chakras, especially the third eye chakra.


There are a host of benefits of Charoite. Let’s see what they are:-

●  Provides emotional healing for those suffering from loneliness and isolation.

●  Brightens the chances of employment for the jobless.

●  Becomes a source of strength for those who serve others, especially who serve the sick and the elderly.

●  Makes bonding with children easier for adoptive parents, especially if the children suffer from behavioral difficulties.

●  Boosts analytical abilities and capacity for keen observation.

●  Provides extra energy, vigor and determination for tackling workload and in overcoming hurdles at work.


Charoite displays some excellent healing powers and helps in…

…cleansing the body of the toxins.

…overcoming fatigue and tiredness.

…countering insomnia.

…relieving headaches and all kinds of aches and pains.

…curing all kinds of illnesses and diseases by targeting their root cause.

…calming the mind, especially of those suffering from ADHD, autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

Sourcing Charoite

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