Clay Face Masks Benefit all Skin Types

Face masks have been used for centuries for skincare and have remained ever so popular. They are not only great for the skin, but also a great way to de-stress. The effects of a cooling face mask are most relaxing, calming and rejuvenating.

Different skin types call for different kinds of face masks. There are sheet masks, cream masks and masks that harden on the skin and then peeled off. These are produced using different ingredients and formulas that are skin specific. However, the one that is truly time tested is the clay face mask.

Benefits of clay face masks

Skincare experts consider clay face masks most beneficial. Here are some of the benefits:-

Deep cleansing: Deep cleanses the pores of dead skin cells, sebum and metabolic wastes. Gives a clearer skin and more refined pores.

Boosts hydration: Meant for dehydrated skin types, it helps in moisturizing the skin by penetrating deep into the epidermis.

It softens the skin and increases its elasticity, thereby giving a youthful appearance.

Clears fine lines: Eradicates wrinkles, fine lines and brown spots to provide a softer and smoother skin texture, restoring youthful looks.

Renders even skin tone: Gives a more even skin tone and texture by diminishing hyper-pigmentation. It also increases the oxygen content of the skin by promoting sweat secretion.

Provides firmer skin: Loose skin makes you look older than you actually are. Regularly using a face mask gives a firmer, tighter and fresher looking skin.

In addition, certain specialized face masks possess the ability to enhance collagen production and help fight off the damage caused by free radicals.

Types of clay face masks

The efficacy of a clay face mask depends upon the type of clay and other ingredients used in its making. There are a variety of clay face masks available in the market today:-

#1 Bentonite clay masks: Bentonite clay helps in balancing oil production, unclogging clogged pores, exfoliation and elimination of toxins from the skin. This clay combined with hyaluronic acid and avocado oil also keeps the skin well hydrated.

#2 Charcoal clay masks: Ideal for people with oily skins, a charcoal clay mask not only helps in efficiently absorbing the extra oil but also helps in deep cleansing the pores. Its ultra-detoxifying properties bestows a smoother complexion.


#3 Spanish clay masks: Spanish clay is deemed so effective that it provides baby-soft skin in just one application. This clay targets impurities on the skin and absorbs oil to make the skin moist and elastic, restoring youthful looks.

#4 Dead Sea mud masks: Mud acquired from the Dead Sea has some amazing healing and detoxifying properties. It decreases skin inflammation and acne, and improves skin health.

Ayana’s organic facial clay masks

Of all the clays, it is the bentonite clay that is above the rest, due to its excellent skin enhancing properties.

Two excellent bentonite organic facial clay masks are offered by Ayana Wellness. These are:

  • Natural organic Bentonite clay mask with Matcha Tea.
  • Natural organic Bentonite clay mask with Aloe Vera.


Both possess unique properties and can be ordered online from

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