Combat Depression With Healing Crystals For Depression


In the stressful modern life, it is not surprising to find people increasingly suffer from anxiety and depression. There may be other reasons too to trigger depression, such as loneliness, sadness, helplessness, worthlessness, loss of loved ones and many more. Going in for depression drugs is fraught with the risks of side effects.

One of the most satisfactory method for countering feelings associated with depression is the use of the healing crystals for depression.

There are many healing crystals that can be successfully used for mild cases, however, severe cases will require professional help.

Healing crystals for depression 

Let us see what all crystals are effective in alleviating the symptoms of depression:


#1 Black Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline helps an individual in thwarting negative thoughts, anxieties, anger and a sense of worthlessness. Being a stone of purification, this crystal cleanses the body of negativity and frees

the mind of anxieties, depression and suicidal thoughts. It fights chronic worry.





 #2 Carnelian


This crystal infuses pure joy, uplifting the depressed mind and filling it with hope and happiness. This is because this crystal is an energy enhancer and a giver of joy. It provides a lingering feeling of elation and joy that helps thwart feelings of anxiety and depression.





#3 Laguna Agate


Such is the power of this crystal that it is able to pull an individual from the depths of depression, bringing him or her to accept the reality as it is. Not only this, it helps in providing inner balance and development of personal abilities.



 #4 Lapis Lazuli


This crystal harmonizes an individual’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being, pulling him or her out of depression. Being a crystal of truth, it allows for self-expression without compromising with the reality. It also helps release repressed anger.




#5 Lepidolite


The specialty of this crystal is its ability to reprogram the mind, so as to lift it up from depression to joy. This is the reason why this crystal is also known as the stone of transition. It helps the individual to adapt and improve his or her lot in life.




 #6 Smoky Quartz


This powerful grounding stone transforms negative energy into positive energy, elevating moods and dissipating feelings of depression. It is an effective crystal for healing and in meditation.





Those using healing crystals for depression, should know that these crystals are not a substitute for depression drugs. They only have the capability to improve the mood to help an individual to combat the blues and come out of depression. However, continued use will help in unravelling the positive aspects of life, infusing joy and happiness.

Using the depression healing crystals


For the depressives, it is important to keep healing crystals for depression on person as stones or wear them in jewelry. However, the purity of these crystals is of paramount importance.


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