Crystal Pencil Pendants Wards Off Ill Luck and Ailments

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Blue Gem Pendant Necklace

Crystals influence our body, mind and soul. The vibrating energy emanated by these crystals provide holistic healing and also guides our destiny.


Crystals can be of various shapes and sizes. One peculiar shape is the pencil shape. A crystal formed into this shape helps focus the energy of the crystal on specific points. This is the reason why pencil crystals pendants are popular with people having specific problems.


What are the types of crystal pencil pendants?


Let us see the types of crystal pencil pendants:

Lapis Lazuli: A gem revered since ancient times, Lapis Lazuli is said to influence your luck and love. It is an essential pencil crystal for those who desire to improve their love life. It makes the wearer faithful and more romantic.

Moonstone: This crystal is credited with intensifying the feminine energy. It fuels fervent desires, strengthens resolve and nurtures the spirit. It also awakens the deep-seated feminine energy that helps in balancing your body’s masculine-feminine vibrations. Moonstone unravels your spiritual nature.

Rainbow Fluorite: The seven colors of this pencil crystal clear the blockages and facilitates the energy to flow smoothly through the body. It helps avoid undesirable situations and rectifies bodily imbalances.

Red Jasper: This is a strong protecting crystal that is effective against all kinds of hazards. Mentioned in the Bible, this stone makes one secure and also wards off emotional stress and agitation. It keeps you away from adverse situations.

Ruby: This powerful pencil crystal provides contentment and peace to the wearer. It provides inspiration, helps in problem solving and makes you more intuitive. It is associated with the heart chakra and connects the mind with the heart.

Selenite: This pencil pendant infuses mental clarity. Believed to be associated with the mind, it enhances mental flexibility and improves decision-making abilities. For people suffering from mental disorientation, Selenite lessens confusion and brings clarity. It also promotes honesty in relationships.

Sodalite: If you are feeling down, this pencil crystal brings joy to your heavy heart and uplifts your spirits. It infuses the feelings of self-trust and self-acceptance. It not only promotes harmony, but upholds the solidarity of the team by bringing it together. It heals the body of ailments and clears electromagnetic pollution from the surroundings.

Sunstone: This pencil crystal possesses the power to get things done! Associated with masculine energies, it promotes decisiveness and resilience, and prompts one to act and move things forward. This crystal also infuses leadership qualities. What’s more, it protects against the human vices of greed, manipulation, dominance and others.


How to procure crystal pencil pendants? 


The crystal pencil pendants are available online on various website. But, you will have to be at your discerning best while buying these pendants on such websites, since many of them are fake or deliver impure crystals.


Ayana Wellness has taken upon itself to offer the purest crystal pencil pendants that remain effective for healing for times to come. These crystal pencil pendants are popular among the old and new alike.


So, if you want to rid yourself of ailments and turn your luck for the better, visit now!

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