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Ayana Wellness Natural Soaps

Natural organic soaps, as the name suggests, are chemical-free alternatives to conventional soaps. These natural organic soaps today are gaining immense popularity, since they are chock-a-block with many natural ingredients and essential oils. It comes as no surprise that these soaps have proven hugely beneficial for the skin.

It may surprise you to know that natural organic soaps endured some bad press in the past, as they were thought to be dry and harsh on the skin. However, it is not the ingredients, but the flawed manufacturing process that is the culprit in producing substandard natural organic soaps.

Crafting perfect natural organic soaps

Soaps, whether natural or otherwise, are produced by mixing oil or fats with lye, a metal hydroxide that is obtained by leaching ashes. When these two compounds combine, it starts a chemical reaction called saponification.

Perfect natural organic soaps are produced when the oil and lye is mixed in the correct ratio. The contents are poured into a mold and left to ‘cure’ for a few weeks to get rid of water through evaporation.


During this process, saponification takes place that converts the mixture of lye and oil molecules into soap and glycerin.


In natural organic soaps, the process of saponification completely breaks down all the lye and uses it up, leaving only the soap molecules and glycerin, a humectant that keeps the skin moist. So, if the proportion of oil and lye are perfect, the soap retains glycerin. This makes these soaps incredibly hydrating and nourishing, and at the same time, very mild and gentle on the skin.

In conventional soaps, on the other hand, the glycerin is removed from the soap and salt is added to the mix to hasten the hardening process. Furthermore, preservatives, foaming agents and other strong chemicals are also added. In this, lye is also not totally used up. This is what sets natural organic soaps apart from conventional soaps.

Benefits of natural organic soaps


●          Natural organic soaps are natural moisturizers, since they contain glycerin that keeps the skin soft.

●          These soaps are much gentler on the skin and are especially recommended for toddlers and people with sensitive skins.

●          Being organic and natural, these soaps don’t contain any chemicals or pesticides, but only natural ingredients that are most healthy for the skin.

●          Some natural oils in soaps possess antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that protect the skin from germs and fungal infections.

●          Since these soaps don’t contain any animal products, these are deemed cruelty-free soaps.

●          Last, but not the least, these soaps being natural and organic are environmental-friendly.

Ayana’s natural organic soaps


Ayana Wellness offers a range of excellent natural organic soaps that are all handmade and have the goodness of pure natural and organic ingredients.

Choose what suits you the best:

○          Ayana’s Almond Rose Handmade Soap

○          Ayana’s Kesar Badam Soap

○          Ayana’s Charcoal Soap

○          Ayana’s Neem Tulsi Handmade Soap

○          Ayana’s Kumkumadi Face Wash Soap

○          Ayana’s Daily Skin Detox Soap

Each natural organic handmade soap has its own unique qualities based on its ingredients. These soaps can be ordered online from ayanaproducts.com.

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