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Healing Bracelets

Healing crystals can be used to improve your life in many ways. Each crystal has its own unique metaphysical properties and can be used to heal various ailments and injuries. These beautiful stones work with the energy that surrounds your physical body and the chakras through which that energy travels. Because your entire body is surrounded by and filled with energy, you can benefit from healing crystals by wearing them anywhere or keeping them in any part of your home or workplace. For many people, healing bracelets provide a beautiful and effective means of enjoying the healing benefits of crystals. 

At Ayana Wellness, we have several healing bracelets that can protect you from negative energy, attract love, or guide you on your spiritual journey. There are even ones that can help you attract wealth and manifest your dreams. And in addition to providing a wide range of benefits, these bracelets are breathtakingly beautiful and serve as the perfect accessories for any outfit. 

Choosing the Right Healing Bracelet

The bracelets we offer provide more than meets the eye. Each is created with the highest intentions for guidance and love for the wearer. The pieces we offer are beautiful, but also incredibly meaningful. Choosing the bracelet that is right for you ensures maximum effectiveness. 

When shopping for healing bracelets, look beyond color and aesthetics to discover the healing properties of the crystals used to make each piece. If you long to attract love or build stronger relationships, choose a rose quartz bracelet. Rose quartz is the stone of love and promotes emotional strength, self-love, and several other wonderful things. 

If protection is what you seek, black tourmaline is what you need. This stone is one of the most powerful protective charms in existence and can keep you safe from psychic attack, EMF, and negative energy. It also eases anxiety and enhances self-confidence. Hematite also has a protective energy and has powerful abilities to stimulate the mind. 

Whether you are shopping for healing jewelry for yourself or for a loved one, taking the time to learn about the properties of various crystals will help you choose one that is perfectly suited to your or your loved one’s needs. Alternately, when browsing bracelets, a certain one seems to call to you. If this is the case, look up the stone’s properties. You may find that that one is calling to you because it is exactly what you need. 

Healing Bracelets from Ayana Wellness 

Our healing bracelets are handmade with the utmost love and care. The gemstones we use are hand selected and charged by a certified Reiki practitioner. We use only authentic stones, so you can rest assured knowing that your bracelet will have powerful spiritual healing energies. We also include information to help you better understand and care for your new healing bracelet. 

Whether you are new to crystal healing or you are an expert, healing bracelets are powerful tools that can help you continue to grow in your spiritual journey. Browse our collection today to find the piece that is right for you. 

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Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone Bracelet New -10%

Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone Bracelet

NATURAL PROTECTION – Black Tourmaline has been known throughout the ages as the most potent protecti..

$21.00 $19.00
Ex Tax: $19.00
Hematite Tumbled Bracelet -10%

Hematite Tumbled Bracelet

MOST POWERFUL GROUNDING STONE – The powerful earthly energy of the iron found in this gemstone will ..

$21.00 $19.00
Ex Tax: $19.00
Pyrite Tumbled Stone Bracelet New -10%

Pyrite Tumbled Stone Bracelet

THE STONE OF FIRE – As its name suggests, this gemstone is infused with Fire energy, symbolizing the..

$21.00 $19.00
Ex Tax: $19.00
Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone Bracelet -10%

Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone Bracelet

STONE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - by working with the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz crystals promote self-lo..

$21.00 $19.00
Ex Tax: $19.00