Hematite – A Powerful Grounding And Balancing Stone

Hematite, one of the best grounding and balancing stones, has an incredible centering and calming effect. This is because this crystal emanates intense, but subtle, vibrations and activates the Root Chakra, the energy center responsible for anchoring you to the earth and provide stability.


Physical properties of Hematite


This mineral form of iron oxide is the oldest known mineral that abundantly exists in soils and rocks. Although harder than pure iron, it is much more brittle.

As far as its appearance is concerned, its color ranges from red to reddish-brown to steel gray to black. One thing found common in all forms of Hematite is a rust-red streak. This red streak is the high iron content contained in this crystal.

It comes as no surprise that Greeks used to grind this stone to produce red pigment. Probably, it is the blood red color of the pigment that prompted the Greeks to call it ‘haima’, Latin for blood.

In olden times, the ancient English warriors used Hematite as a powerful talisman, as they believed it would not let the blood or the life essence drain out of them, if they ever get wounded in battle.

Benefits of Hematite

There are numerous benefits provided by Hematite. Let’s see what they are:

  Healing: This stone heals the body by cleansing the blood and improving blood circulation. It also rejuvenates the nervous system, making you refreshed and more energetic.

  Stability: If you are feeling physically or emotionally weak, this is the stone that helps you in stabilizing, due to its powerful grounding properties. The best way to use this stone is to place it on lower abdomen, while lying down and hold it in each hand.

  Meditation: This stone assists in meditation through its powerful grounding properties. Gazing at this stone infuses subtle, but powerful, vibrations. This provides you with inner strength and firm resolve.

  Positive vibes: Hematite infuses positive vibes by removing negative ones. Not only this, it also clears toxic emotions and provides clarity and focus to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

  Chakra balancing: This stone neutralizes the negative energy in the aura and helps balance and align all the seven chakras. This is why it is deemed the best root chakra stone.

Use of Hematite in jewelry

In order to derive the full therapeutic benefits of Hematite, this stone has been used in semi-precious jewelry from time immemorial. For example, ancient Romans used this stone in jewelry and adoring their weapons and armor.

The beauty of this stone is unraveled once it is polished. It takes an alluring, mirror-like metallic sheen that looks amazing when inlaid in jewelry.

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