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Crystal Healing Therapy – Balancing The Body, Mind And Soul

14/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

The term ‘crystal’ in crystal healing therapy may sound a bit confusing, since any solid composed of a highly ordered microscopic structure is called a crystal. And crystals may range from snowflakes and table salt to semi-precious stones and gemstones, such as diamonds. The crystal healing therapy uses only semi-precious stones and gemstones.


How it all began?


Crystal healing therapy has been around for over 6,000 years and made its appearance during the times of Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Egyptians also adorned their bodies with stones, such as turquois, lapis lazuli and carnelian, to prevent illness and ward off negative energy.


However, no one source can claim discovery this alternative medical technique. It can be traced back to the Asian philosophies and cultures, such as the Hindu concept of chakras, the energy vortices in the body, and the Chinese concept of chi or qi life energy. According to them, crystals and gemstones possess properties that protect against diseases and aid in healing.


Do crystals really heal?


Since time immemorial, the continued popularity of crystal healing shows that it has therapeutic qualities. The practitioners of this therapy believe that crystals infuse positive, healing energy into the body and drain out disease-causing, negative energy.


On the contrary, medical doctors and scientists consider crystal healing therapy a pseudoscience and maintain that the energy flow from the crystals can never actually cure diseases. However, the upsurge in the popularity of this therapy has put the skeptics on the backfoot.  



How are crystals used in healing therapy?


Crystals are used in two ways – by wearing them in the form of jewelry or carrying them on person and by undergoing complete crystal therapy in a health spa and at New Age health clinics. Sometimes, this therapy is also incorporated in other forms of allied practices, such as massage and Reiki.


All these methods are effective, since crystals placed in the vicinity or carried on person or applied to the body, promote energy balance within the physical and subtle bodies, induce deep relaxation, and release stress and pain. In spa therapy, the crystals may either be used singly or in patterns.


The crystals work by storing and emitting energy vibrations, much like a crystal in a watch that absorbs the charge from the battery and releases it at a precise rate for giving perfect time. The energy field so created by the crystals, when applied to a person’s diseased or imbalanced body, helps in healing it and restoring its natural rhythm.


Crystals and their benefits


Each crystal has its specific benefits. Let us see some of them:


  Amethyst: Cures headache, calms the mind, helps sleep better and benefits the intestines.

●  Green aventurine: Benefits the heart.

  Malachite stone: Accelerates dispersal of energy.

  Quartz: Boosts body’s electromagnetic energy.

  Rose quartz: Eases heartache.

●  Topaz: Provides mental clarity.           

   Yellow citrine: Uplifts mood.


There are many other crystals with their specific properties and powers., the treasure-trove of gems and crystals


Procuring genuine crystals has always been a problem, but not anymore. With an exclusive online retail outlet of, you can have the purest form of all kinds of crystals.


These healing crystals are available in the form of jewelry pieces, such as necklace, beads, anklets and small trinkets, usually set in gold or silver. These precious metals, being good conductors of energy, enhance the power of the crystals.


Little wonder Ayana crystals are preferred in crystal healing therapy. The genuine Ayana crystals help cure ailments and restore an out-of-balance body, back to its natural state.


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