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Tiger Eye – A Crystal With Miracle Healing Powers

02/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

Since antiquity Tiger Eye crystal has fascinated its users by its powerful dynamic energy that protects and heals. This mystical and opalescent crystal comes in a variety of hues, from shimmering gold to blues to browns to yellows and to deep reds, blended with solid black stripes.


The healing stone


People down the ages have worn Tiger Eye as a piece of jewelry or kept it as a decorative display item. The stone is believed to ward off evil, calm the mind, soothe frayed nerves and curb emotional upheavals. It is ideal for students, as it helps focus the mind and boosts mental clarity.


The stone also protects against negative energies, dispels fear and attracts luck. Those besieged by problems may find this stone effective in bringing personal empowerment and insight into complex situations. For the spiritually inclined, there can be no better stone than Tiger Eye for deepening the meditative state, due to its direct influence on sacral and solar plexus chakras.  


The Tiger Eye is used in Feng Shui, too, for protection, the reason why it needs to be kept near the front door or a window. The stone is ideal for homes to make them tranquil and peaceful. It provides a calming effect wherever it is placed and, thus, is most suited for offices and other stressful places. 


Medical benefits of Tiger Eye


Tiger Eye has proved most effective in treating a host of medical conditions, such as psychosomatic illness, anxiety, problems of the eye, throat and reproductive organs. It also helps the body in releasing toxins and alleviating aches and pains.


This healing crystal has also been found most beneficial in repairing broken bones and alignment of the spinal column. It saves those prone to fractures or diseases related to the bones.


Tiger Eye trivia


Tiger Eye is designated as the 18th Anniversary gemstone. It is also the stone of those under the Zodiac sign, Capricorn. It is ruled by the planet Sun and has fire and earth as its elements. Egyptians considered it as a stone of integrity, self-confidence, willpower, leadership and success.


This stone is famous the world over, but is found only in India, South Africa, Australia and the US. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel to these countries to procure it! This can be had in ornate designs from an excellent source:


What does offer?


Ayana Wellness procures Tiger Eyes from genuine sources. These natural healing crystals are excellent repositories of healing energies, due to their purity. The beautifully crafted Tiger Eye jewelry, showcased by Ayana Wellness, is not only popular for its design and powerful spiritual healing energies, but are also for use in Wiccan rituals, reiki and pranic healing.


On offer at Ayana Wellness are a host of Tiger Eye pendants and necklaces. The one with the crystal suspended from a lobster-claw clasp in a silver plated necklace is a rage. These excellent jewelry pieces are ideal for those looking for style, comfort and healing vibrations. So, why not click on for Tiger Eye healing crystal right away. 

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