Orgonite Energy Healing Crystals Are Immensely Beneficial

If it wasn’t for the painstaking efforts of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Orgonite would have remained unknown to the modern world. What this 20th century Austrian psychiatrist did was to blend resin, metals and quartz to create this wonderful substance that balances and harmonizes bio-energy, also known as orgone, chi or prana.

What makes an Orgonite crystal so special is the energy it produces by the ‘scrubbing’ action of its constantly attracting and repelling materials. This energy not only helps clean stagnant and negative energy in the body, but also keeps it in a healthy and vibrant state.

Benefits of Orgonite 

Orgonite is one of the most effective energy healing crystals that provides multiple benefits to its users. Let us see what they are:


 Heals energy blockages: Orgonite removes energy blockages to enable the energy to flow around the body unobstructed. This energy infuses joy and harmony to life and proves most uplifting, both physically and spiritually.

Improves relationships: Orgonite at home or at workplace has been seen to strengthen the loving bonds among family members and co-workers. It enhances mutual love and eliminates ill will.

Improves sleep and generates vivid dreams: Those who have trouble sleeping have found succor by placing Orgonite in their rooms. Although initially Orgonite may appear to intensify troubled sleep, in the long run it cures insomnia and generates vivid dreams. However, the energy requires getting used to.

Protects from electromagnetic force (EMF): Orgonite effectively neutralizes the harmful effects of EMF emitted by most household gadgets and devices. This it does by building a protective shield around the body against EMF. This protection can be enhanced by placing Orgonite on every EMF source in the house or office, such as refrigerator, computer, television, clock radio, etc.

Purifies water and immediate environment: Orgonite is known to make the water not only taste better, but healthier too. For this, water needs to be placed on

top of an Orgonite plate. Orgonite placed in the areas of high EMF help in

neutralizing pollution caused by such radiations.

Accelerates plant growth: Experiments undertaken by placing Orgonite in the vicinity of plants have proved beyond doubt that Orgonite energy accelerates their growth. This makes this crystal ideal for growers.

Aids spiritual growth: Since Orgonite is capable of removing negative energy from the environment, this makes this crystal ideal for meditation, thereby promoting spiritual growth.


Orgonite’s power increases manifold when it is used in combination with other crystals. For example, if you want to enhance spirituality and intuition, go for Lapis Lazuli Orgonite. For creativity and healing, Turquoise Orgonite is most effective.





Where to get Orgonite energy healing crystals?

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