Orgonite is a powerful spiritual healing tool and can be used to protect against electromagnetic pollution. Everything in the world – including human beings – is made up of energy. Depending on your specific belief system, this energy may be known as chi, prana, or orgone. Orgonite is used to release orgone energy and to change it from one state to another. It can shift unbalanced energy into a healthier state, and it adds positive energy when needed. It can even shift negative energy into positive energy.

What Is Orgone? 

The word “orgonite” is derived from “orgone”, which is the name that was given by Wilhelm Reich to the energy that can be found everywhere in nature. Orgone exists naturally in many different forms. It can be positive, negative, or neutral. In its positive state (POR), it allows living things to exist in a healthy state. In its negative state, however, the energy becomes armored and is unable to move freely. This can have a detrimental impact on one’s health and well-being. It impacts other living organisms, too, such as plants and animals.

Unfortunately, negative orgone, known as DOR, is mostly human-made. It comes from technology, chemical pollution, and even human emotions. Humans are open energy systems. While it is not possible to completely shield ourselves from the environment and from negative energies, there are things that we can do to change negative DOR into positive POR. That’s where orgonite comes in.


Orgonite is made from a mixture of metals and resin. It some cases, it also contains crystals, such as black tourmaline and clear quartz. The mixture is poured into molds to be formed into a variety of shapes. Orgonite can be made into pyramids, pendants for necklaces, keychains, and more.

When combined to form orgonite, the materials work together to transform negative energy into positive. The organic elements in orgonite attract orgone while the metallic ones repel it. As the elements push and pull the energy, they constantly absorb negative energy and transform it into positive energy.

There are many potential uses for orgonite. It is sometimes used to cleanse energies inside homes or to protect against electromagnetic pollution and radiation. It can also be used to encourage plant growth and are said to fight stress in the workplace. In physical healing, orgonite is commonly used to remove blockages causing things like stomach pain and chest discomfort.

Orgonite is a unique crystal that can be used to improve your overall health and well-being. Because it deals with the energy that every living organism possesses, it can even encourage plant growth and help your pets live happier, healthier lives. At Ayana Wellness, we carry a wide range of orgonite products to meet your needs. Our products are carefully designed to ensure maximum function, and many come charged by a certified Reiki master. Browse our selection today to find the piece that is right for your home or office.