50 Refill Moxa Cylinders for Ayana Wellness EasyMoxi Moxibustion Device

(6 customer reviews)


  • Refill Moxa Cylinders for Ayana Wellness EasyMoxi Device
  • 50 Cylinders Included (Over 25 Combined Hours of Moxibustion Therapy)
  • Moxibustion Made Easy
  • Fast, Easy and Safe to Use
  • Ancient Chinese Medicine in the Modern Comfort of your Home


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6 reviews for 50 Refill Moxa Cylinders for Ayana Wellness EasyMoxi Moxibustion Device

  1. Veronica Ryan

    Easy to use

    This is a very interesting herbal treatment. It is very easy to use. I have used it on my knee. It really helps to have the temperature settings so you can control it.

  2. Jessica Elkaim

    Moxabustion love this treatment

    I liked the system..the mica burned well and heated up nicely after about 10 mins.. I like the smell and did treatment in my bedroom the first time..was way to Smokey so continued treatments out back…
    The pain in my knee subsided after first use…

  3. Christina Yu

    Good product

    I like this EasyMoxi, delivered very fast. The product is the same as the picture, easy to use. if can have one more a pack of moxa, it’s even better. But its benefits to us are still commendable。

  4. tarbar121910

    A must try… Take the leap of faith…

    I was a skeptic at first to try this. I am glad I stepped out if the comfort zone and gave this a try. I had a spinal fusion of the L5-S1 in 2017 that unfortunately did not resolve my problem.I am 34 and have digenerative disc disease as well as arthritis and herniated discs in my back. I am in pain everyday. I have pain meds on hand but like to not use them unless needed. I have used this product 3 times now and have seen judge improvement in my back pain. It’s so simple to use and so comfortable to wear that it’s relaxing and healing at the same time. I look forward to seeing what this product can do for my menstrual cramps that are horrible Painful. Like a great person once said “I’d risk the fall to know how it feels to fly”. So risk the fall because you will surely fly with this one.

  5. Luanna D

    Recommended to the rest of the ball team!

    My husband refuses to take any pills, so we are always looking for holistic and natural forms of pain relief. After a shoulder injury playing baseball, he used this product. Not only was he able to get relief form the pain, he actually got a whole night sleep!

  6. Shirley hoover


    I wanted to try some natural and holistic products for healing. I tried this with my daughter we bothth suffered from migraine It seemed to help ease the pain a little bit. I will definitely be using this more often.

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