Amethyst Healing Druzy


  • STONE OF TRANQUILITY AND PEACE – this beautiful lilac stone calms the mind, eases stress, aids sleep and memory, relieves anxiety and strengthens the aura. Amethyst is a birthstone of February.
  • RAW AND NATURAL CRYSTAL FOR STRONGER EFFECT – we use only authentic, genuine and unique minerals for their powerful spiritual healing energies. The stone is of the highest vibrations and can be used for Wiccan rituals and reiki/pranic healing modalities.
  • PERFECT FOR CHARGING THE SPACE AROUND YOUR HOME – This beautiful Geode will be a great looking addition to any home as well as charging your space with positive energies.
  • LEARN ABOUT YOUR CRYSTAL WITH FREE GUIDE – the Ebook contains crystal meaning information as well as instructions about how to cleanse and charge your gemstone.
  • REST EASY WITH 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Your Crystal Necklace is backed by our guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your purchase or receive your money back. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or concerns. We will reply within 24 hours!


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Working in the physical, spiritual, and emotional planes, Amethyst is a calming stone known as having the violet flame healing vibration. Amethysts vibrations are believed to help remove subtle diseases and assists in understanding addiction sources. These strong stones help with healing as well as boosting spiritual growth. An ability of this stone allows one to quieten their minds and helping with meditative activates.

Amethyst can help relieve physical as well as psychological pain also bringing the balance of calming and peace to the user. Throughout history Amethyst has adorned royalty as a sign of power, as a symbol of wisdom, devotion, and deep love. Romans used goblets decorated with amethyst stones or wore pendants to fight against intoxication. The name of this precious stone originates from the Greek word “amethustos”, the meaning literally means “not intoxicated”.

Contents: Genuine Amethyst Druzy, Pouch for Easy Storage, E-Book sent via email after purchase. 

Each crystal is unique so there might be natural variations in color and size. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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