Ayurvedic Skin Detox Soap


  • ANCIENT AYURVEDIC DETOX REMEDY – Ayana Wellness brings you an all natural bar that is so much more than just another soap. See for yourself exactly why the ancient Ayurveda system of herbal health & wellness has not only survived but continued to thrive in the world today. Discover the detoxifying and purifying power of this storied skin blend that combines the rare Indian herbs of Khadira and Manjishtha with organic and herbal essential oils.
  • UNRIVALED HERBAL HANDMADE QUALITY – We’ve created an unprecedented line of herbal artisan soaps that reveres and celebrates harmony between humankind & nature. We use only the highest quality ingredients and raw materials grown or bought directly from farmers. No artificial dyes or chemicals are used in our artisanal process. Imported from India.
  • SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE & SUSTAINABLY SOURCED – We believe in giving back as much as we can and helping to raise the socioeconomic bar in communities across the world. We currently provide training and employment that empowers women in rural Indian communities. Our organic bar soap provides a healthy and consistent living wage for 30+ women as they develop artisan skills and uplift their families through gainful, dignified employment.
  • AWARD-WINNING NATURAL COLD PROCESS SOAP – Our Ayurvedic detox blend is packed with rare Indian herbal power to purify and clean out toxins while restoring your skin’s health. Recommended for all skin types. Each fancy hand soap bar contains a Total Fatty Matter (TFM) count of >76% which creates an ultra luxurious washing & bathing experience that has never been achieved by any commercial soap brand.
  • BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION – Ayana, meaning beautiful blossom, represents the love, respect, and compassion we have for the artisans and families who help us craft high quality products made with care. By sourcing sustainable, eco-friendly ingredients and materials from local communities all over the world, Ayana Wellness provides transformative products that help you live a happier, healthier, and more harmonious life – so enjoy your journey with us!


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