Clay Face Mask with Matcha Tea

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The unique blend of minerals and antioxidants in this mask all add up to brighter, healthier, fresher and younger looking skin. You’ll immediately be struck by how much softer, clearer and firmer your skin feels.

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NATURAL BENTONITE CLAY FROM A TRULY MINERAL RICH SOURCE: This mask is made from grey clay that has been accumulating silicon, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and many more essential micro minerals for millions of years. It’s hand made, sun dried, organic and natural.

INSTANT SKIN REJUVINATION: In just one application, your skin will absorb minerals from the clay for a glowing and healthy complexion. You’ll also improve blood circulation and lymph drainage on the face, and remove dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin.

WITH CEREMONIAL GRADE MATCHA: The Japanese have used this high grade matcha on the skin of their emperors for 800 years. It is packed with EGCG, a natural anti-oxidant that fights acne causing bacteria and slows cell degeneration for smoother, tighter skin with less fine lines and wrinkles.

FOR A NOTICABLY FRESHER AND CLEARER COMPLEXION: The unique blend of minerals and antioxidants in this mask all add up to brighter, healthier, fresher and younger looking skin. You’ll immediately be struck by how much softer, clearer and firmer your skin feels.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:We travelled the world to find the most nutritionally rich source of bentonite clay for this face mask. If other people in your life don’t notice how much better your skin looks after using this mask, we’ll give you every penny of your money back.

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7 reviews for Clay Face Mask with Matcha Tea

  1. TiffB

    Lovely, all natural Matcha clay facial mask

    This clay mask has such a nice, smooth texture and goes on easily. It had a nice, warm, tingly feel and washed off quickly with warm water. It left my face feeling so soft, too! I have very sensitive skin and had no issues at all with this product. I love that it only has three ingredients and not tons of fillers that I cannot even pronounce. I would definitely recommend this mask if you’re looking for something new.

  2. Marcia

    Good quality

    I like how soft it leaves my face.

  3. samia

    Great face mask!

    Just tried the product and absolutely love it!
    Smell is so good thanks to the matcha powder, application is so easy as product penetrates skin (love the texture) and results on my complexion are just great.
    My skin feels fresh (I have an combination skin), clean and glowy … helped also with my dark circles, and was happily surprised about it!
    Also love the fact that ingredient list is short: 3 components, natural/organic.
    Will definitely use on a weekly basis!

  4. Mayra Nevarez

    Smooth, Hydrated Happy Face

    First of all the fact that its all natural makes me feel better about having something go on my face. My skin type is a mix of dry patches and then I get oily by the middle of the day because of makeup. I’m always hesitant because nothing seems to work. I don’t have pimples or zips, but I don’t have smooth skin which is what I want. I wasn’t able to tell an immediate change but after a couple of weeks of every other day use my skin was much softer. I was able to tell more so on the weekends when I’m home and where very little makeup. I was able to leave the house with no foundation, because it skin feels very clean and baby like. Best way I can describe is that my skin was more hydrated and happy. It helped the dry patches and the few white heads go away. Its worth the money if only because I’m using less makeup to cover up the uneven skin I had.

  5. Stacy C

    looks healthy, smooth and brighter

    I really like this clay mask. It is easy to apply, has a nice subtle smell, it’s all natural and only 3 ingredients. My skin feels and looks healthy, smooth and brighter. Definitely recommend.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Worth ordering again!

    This product makes my skin feel so good after using it. I like the fact it isn’t full of synthetic chemicals, also. You can make it last a long time, depending on your use. I’d buy it agai!

  7. Skyler


    Left my skin feeling great and hydrated!

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