Healing Crystal Set for Love Mental Wellness EMF Protection With Guide and Pouch 6 pcs

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  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS – simply wear the necklaces to balance chakras and emotions, aid depression and anxiety, relieve worry and stress, neutralize negativity, assist in yoga and meditation, increase creativity, help with heartbreak, loneliness, panic attacks and insomnia, restore mind harmony, improve focus and attract love. Can reduce symptoms from countless mental disorders. Makes a perfect Valentine’s day gift!
  • ESSENTIAL STONES FOR ANY COLLECTION – this unique pendant necklace set includes purple Amethyst, Rose Quartz, White Howlite, Green Aventurine and Pink Lepidolite. All jewelry is authentic and handmade in India and can be worn by women and men alike. Jewels are 100% natural and the pendants come on an adjustable (16″-24″) chord.
  • ORGONITE KEYCHAIN FOR EMF PROTECTION – made with Black Tourmaline crystals in an Orgone matrix, this keychain is a powerful EMF Protection device. While shielding you from harmful radiation it also provides your Qi with high level magnetic support against low vibration energy.
  • Complimentary eBook – Send us a message after your purchase to claim your free eBook. It contains tons of helpful instructions and tips on how you can get the best out of your Healing Crystal Necklace.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Your Crystal Healing Kit is backed by our guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your purchase or receive your money back. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or concerns. We will reply within 24 hours!


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CONTENTS: 5 healing necklaces on a quality leather chord (adjustable length 16”-26”),Black Tourmaline in Orgonite Key Chain, Ayana Wellness Velvet Pouch for storing your crystals. E-book on crystal meanings and how to care for your new stones. (sent as attachment with email after purchase)

ROSE QUARTZ – Emitting a strong vibration of warmth and love, this stone resounds with chakras that are associated with compassion. As it works directly with the Heart Chakra, it has the ability to soften fear, resentments, and emotional wounds bringing comfort to the user.

AMETHYST– Working in the physical, spiritual, and emotional planes, Amethyst is a calming stone known as having the violet flame healing vibration. Amethyst is believed to help remove subtle diseases and assist in understanding addiction sources

GREEN AVENTURINE – The calming energy of Green Aventurine guides one to inner harmony while soothing annoyance, anger, and nervousness from day to day events. The stone helps boost sleep as it assists in grounding the user’s vibrational field, while quieting thoughts.

WHITE HOWLITE – Known as the spiritual stone of consciousness, it helps the user discharge attachments to emotional pains and upset states of mind while bringing peace in replacement.

LEPIDOLITE – gently induces change by helping with the reorganization and release of old psychological patterns. Lepidolite helps with overcoming mental or emotional dependency, supporting the release of addictions.

ORGONITE WITH BLACK TOURMALINE KEYCHAIN– the orgone matrix provides EMF protection and dispels negative energies that can interfere with your mental well-being.

Each crystal is unique so there might be natural variations in color and size.

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11 reviews for Healing Crystal Set for Love Mental Wellness EMF Protection With Guide and Pouch 6 pcs

  1. Denise M.

    Beautiful collection of healing crystals.

    I was really looking for a stone I can carry with me. I was really in need of some healing.. Then I came across this kit.
    After doing some research, being new to crystals… I have learned so much about each stone.. The names, what they can do for you. This kit was perfect. Each stone came with a rope twine necklace and a silver necklace.. Just as it was described. The stones are beautiful. I have gotten a lot of complments. There is two really big crystals, one has a metal wrapped around it. I got nervous cause I thought the stone would fall out of the metal it was wrapped in. But to my amazement it didn’t.. I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone who is starting out with crystals. It’s a nice kit…and nice collection. I wish there were more different collections like this.. I would buy them…

  2. Suthathip

    Beautiful crystals, Love it! ❤

    Very, very happy with the product!
    Perfect combination of crystals for anxiety for an extremely reasonable price. Beautiful, large stones (the rose quartz necklace was way bigger than the picture). You can tell the pendants are genuinely hand made.
    5 necklaces to choose from allows me to almost always have one to go perfectly with whatever I’m wearing.
    I have never heard of Orgonite before, turns out it is really cool and worth learning about!
    The ebook explains what the crystals do and how to charge and cleanse them, quite interesting.
    Overall, I like these necklaces a lot because they are genuinely beautiful and fashionable to wear while at the same time I can definitely feel calmer mentally, so best of both worlds!

  3. dennis

    Beautifully crafted crystal set

    Beautifully crafted crystal set.
    I bought a set for my girlfriend and she loves them. I am very impressed with the quality and attention to detail of the pendants. The booklet and collection of different crystals also give a great introduction to beginners on the topic and allow you to experiment and choose the right crystal to wear.

  4. Minnie

    Beautiful and made well

    This is the best deal for such high quality crystals. Look beautiful in person, photos dont do them justice. Im excited to read more about them and get the best use from them.

  5. Andrew K.

    Awesome quality

    Awesome product. Received 6 different crystals, all of which are great quality and built well.

    There was a very nice storage bag as well which Is going to come in handy as I always misplace things!

    Quick shipping, cool and informative ebook which I wasn’t expecting to be good but which taught me on more benefits of crystals.

  6. Laurissa

    Felt great energy from them but didn’t look as pictured

    package came on time and was very nice. Felt the energy from at least over that I tried on. Some items looked different from the picture as advertised…I didn’t receive one with my birthstonr and I didn’t receive a booklet or guide to explain what each Crystal was designed for. A little pricey for what I received but I did expect a little more for the money.

  7. Krystsina

    Unique set for a good price!

    I was looking for healing crystals on Amazon and was glad to find most of them in one set. I received it last week and really liked their quality. It comes with a nice black pouch that makes it easy to store the crystals or take them with you on trips.
    The variety of stones lets you match them with different outfits. Even my boyfriend borrowed Howlite to wear last night!
    It’s a great set for wearing every day and balancing out your mood.

  8. samia

    Beautiful crystal healing kit!

    This is my first time purchasing an anxiety crystal kit and I am very happy with my purchase! The pendants are beautiful, the quality and color of the crystals are great. The size of the crystal might vary as described in the product page. I changed the chain and used my silver chain (except for the green one) because I thought it enhanced the stones as I am wearing my necklace on a daily basis. I am relatively new to mediating and sensing energy, and I love the fact that this comes as a kit with multiple crystals because I want to experience the energy of each stone. I think this is a great way to start as we resonate to crystals differently depending on the day and type of anxiety we have. From sensing all the stones so far, I am going with the white howlite for a little bit as it helps me balance my emotions and feel more serene. I am attaching pictures of the stones because I love how nice they look. Great buy!

  9. ChelTom

    Beautiful pendants! Great customer service

    Beautiful pendants! Great customer service. Ayana Wellness went above and beyond with their customer service to make sure I was satisfied with their products. I will be shopping with them again in the future.

  10. Sara Jo


    Wonderful! Beautiful stones and just the right size. i am very pleased!

  11. Margie

    Five Stars

    I love to healing crystals there are nicely made very beautiful thank you.

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