Obsidian Crystal Healing Necklace


✅POWERFUL GROUNDING STONE – Obsidian crystal properties have been long cherished for their stabilizing and grounding effects. Stand in the power of the Now to anchor and re-balance scattered energies!

✅ENERGY HEALING – The deep, transformative vibes of obsidian help to enhance & magnify the healing energy of other stones. It brings us strength & patience to overcome life’s challenges and obstacles.

✅PROTECTION AND SHIELDING – Obsidian helps you clear past emotional turmoil & psychic blockages. Like a bodyguard to your soul, it protects from shadow traits like addiction, fear, anxiety & anger.

✅ADJUSTABLE LENGTH – Your pendant comes with an adjustable necklace (18-24″), a black velvet Ayana Wellness pouch for safe storing, and a free eBook on the uses & history of this incredible stone!

✅BEAUTIFUL GIFT – Treat your spiritual friend or family member to an elegant gift that’s perfect for meditation, yoga, reiki & other holistic practice. They’ll remember you every time they wear it!


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Obsidian – Your Powerful Protection Stone

Intense and mysterious, Obsidian crystal stone is a powerful talisman for protection and shielding.
Obsidian crystal helps identify your dark side so its healing properties can clear those aspects from your psyche.
Rather than denying our inner truth, Obsidian shines a spotlight on negativity and clears it away, helping us to choose the path of light and love.
Spiritual warriors need protection in the chaos of this world, and the strength of Obsidian is here to support you whenever you call on it.

Stabilizing & Grounding
Obsidian helps restore balance to your root chakra and keep your feet firmly planted on the ground so your head won’t get lost in the clouds.
Its grounding properties help strike balance & harmony between your spiritual self and the physical world of reality.
Incorporate the energy of Obsidian into your meditation to revive & rejuvenate when you feel spread too thin!


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