Orgonite Keychain – EMF Protection

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  • Large Size Keychain, 2” x 1.5” on a Strong Metal Ring.
  • Premium quality poly-resin with copper metal shavings, Cho Ku Rei piezo coil element and bionized Black Tourmaline Crystals
  • Charged by a certified Reiki master using Earth attunement and Shuman Resonant Frequencies
  • Free Ebook on the history of orgonite and the many different ways it can benefit you.


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Orgone Due to popular demand Our #1 Top Selling EMF protection device now comes in a keychain version! Protect yourself from harmful rays including cell phone, microwave, tv and computer radiation and EMF with this tested versatile orgone energy device. The addition of Bionized Black Tourmaline crystals into the matrix provides for an even stronger defense from harmful energy.

The advantage of having a Radiation Shield in a keychain form is that it is often kept near the pelvic area which results in a higher Sperm Count for Men and a healthier Uterus in Women due to a decrease in damage from harmful waves. Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metal shavings, and crystals. Inspired by the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the early 20th century, orgonite was created to help protect your body and space against man-made radiation and negative energy, leading to improvements in your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. The repelling of the organic materials (resin) and the inorganic materials (metal shavings) creates a scrubbing action, and the crystal gives off a healing energy. The three of those together give your body (or a space) clean energy that’s no longer stagnant or negative, freeing up space for more positive experiences. This special combination of products allows those who use them to say goodbye to the burden of bad energy.

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19 reviews for Orgonite Keychain – EMF Protection

  1. Tickle me pink

    immediately I could feel the wonderful energy just pouring off it

    So I purchased this item to help with blocks I had in my sacral area. The package comes and I open it…immediately I could feel the wonderful energy just pouring off it. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful product. As a matter of fact, I purchased 3 more of this and 2 of the other style for my college daughter and her friends.

  2. Rachel

    Great seller, happy with product

    I purchased this key chain for my husband who typically carries his phone in his pocket. We love that it isn’t too flashy, is neutral, and still looks nice! Seller included really helpful information about the product, and shipping was super fast and problem-free! Very happy with purchase.

  3. Diane

    Wow this is stronger than expected. Nice gift

    Very strong field. May take some getting used to.
    Ordered it as a small Christmas gift for a friend who likes to meditate.

  4. Tanisha McLeod

    Love it!

    Negativity is everywhere, I’m a very spiritual person and this has helped me a lot…I also ordered my son 1 as well. It’s all bout positivity for me..Thank you!

  5. George

    Works! But soft metal can render the piece chainless

    This is a great piece. I have found when I’m without it, I don’t have as good of energy as I do with it. I bought this back in October ’17 and just recently, the metal loop broke off. This is how I came to find out how well it works for myself. Now I’m not able to attach it to my keychain. This is the reason for 4 stars and I would not like to be repurchasing this every 6 months for the same reason.

  6. Andrew Schnelly

    Nice quality, slot better than I was hoping for

    Nice quality, slot better than I was hoping for! Don’t expect miracles, it is keychain size, but I swear it’s pretty good.

  7. Guillermo Ontiveros

    A company that cares.

    Nice sized keychain i can take everywhere with me! Order came on time. Product looks/feels of good quality. They sent me a nice email with a description of orgonite and its origins. I will definitely order some larger items in the near future!

  8. Caleb

    Beautiful keychain

    The first keychain I got was damaged. The seller was quick to make it right.
    All in all, I love my keychain. Working in the healthcare field, it’s important to stay protected from negative energies and spirits that may linger from patients past. I feel more at ease at my job having this on my key ring.

  9. DrKarma

    Four Stars

    Like it and use it daily but not sure it does anything

  10. Gypsy Nana

    Wonderful gift!

    What a great keychain!

  11. Tom T.

    Simple to use dependable

    Key chain for friend

  12. Crazy Eyes

    Lovely keychain

    I’ve never owned orgonite, so this is pretty cool.

  13. Timothy M.

    Very beautiful take along protection.

    Got this as an extra layer of protection that looks like very nice jewelry. Seems to be working.

  14. Hector Rivera

    Useful as well as fashionable

    I’m absolutely loving my new Piezo Electric Orgonite keychain! Having it as a keychain really makes it convenient in not forgetting it, plus it’s very fashionable as well. Great product for the price, highly recommend!

  15. viviana arenas

    Love it💖

    I love it got it for my boyfriend to keep in his pocket for protection. He love it planning on getting a few more.

  16. Shashank Hegde

    Excellent bang for the buck

    Bionized tourmaline, a permanent generator of positive energy / scalar energy field.

  17. Emilia

    Feels good with great vibrations

    I felt so much energy and pease.Feels good with great vibrations.I love it

  18. moneyswag

    Great product!

    Accurate description. Looking forward to using it.

  19. Patrick Tyler

    I love it

    The best thing I bought for myself in a while. I highly recommend, and their shipping was fast. Great customer service.

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