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Orgonite Pencil Pendant Necklace with Black Tourmaline


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Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metal shavings, and crystals. Inspired by the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the early 20th century, orgonite was created to help protect your body and space against man-made radiation and negative energy, leading to improvements in your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. 

35 in stock

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  • Beautiful Hexagonal Bullet Shape Pendant, 2” x 1.5”, with Quality Silver Plated 18” Chain and an adjustable 16”-24” black leather cord
  • Premium quality poly-resin with copper metal shavings, piezo element and bionized Black Tourmaline Crystals
  • Charged by a certified Reiki master using Earth attunement and Shuman Resonant Frequencies
  • Free Ebook on the history of orgonite and the many different ways it can benefit you.
  • 100% Ayana Welless Money Back Guarantee

Protect yourself from harmful rays including cell phone, microwave, tv and computer radiation and EMF with this tested versatile orgone energy device. The addition of Bionized Black Tourmaline crystals into the matrix provides for an even stronger defense from harmful energy.

Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metal shavings, and crystals. Inspired by the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the early 20th century, orgonite was created to help protect your body and space against man-made radiation and negative energy, leading to improvements in your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

The repelling of the organic materials (resin) and the inorganic materials (metal shavings) creates a scrubbing action, and the crystal gives off a healing energy. The three of those together give your body (or a space) clean energy that’s no longer stagnant or negative, freeing up space for more positive experiences. This special combination of products allows those who use them to say goodbye to the burden of bad energy.

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  1. Brianne Y.

    Purchased this as a gift and it was beautiful. the recipient loved it

  2. Viridiana

    makes me feel safer, less heart palpations, although i don’t know if it’s just a placebo effect ❤️

  3. Carson L.

    Very nice pendant, thank you

  4. Amazon Customer

    This is a gift. It is beautifully packaged. I haven’t used it.

  5. Mandi woodman

    So far this has held up nicely and looks great.

  6. Amazon Customer

    This was brought as a present; and it was a hit

  7. Lorri Bellew

    Love it wear it all the time

  8. Laura

    Great product!

  9. Kim McLeod

    It beautiful!

  10. Amazon Customer

    I bought this for my mom because she had been hinting at that she wanted one lol. She was so excited when I got it for her! Read up on the benefits of having one and you’ll surely buy one yourself lol, really pretty and the benefits are great!(:

  11. GoldenAmazon

    This is a great looking piece and I love that I can wear it different ways. Definitely happy with this purchase.

  12. Susan Shewmake

    Love this little necklace I have gotten several compliments on it but that’s not why I got it. It said it deflects radiation so I hope it works!

  13. Judith Hill Truitt

    Thank you so much. I love it ! Shipping was so fast !

  14. Jason B.

    I love my orgone pendant necklace and wear it daily. Looks great and I feel better when I have it on.

  15. Kasaundra Ford

    Such a glorious stone! As a lover and daily user of healing crystals I actually purchased this beauty for my sweetheart who is a Dj producer always knee deep in electronic radiation waves. He adores it and the good energy it brings. ❤

  16. April Reynolds

    Beautiful necklace! Fast shipping and was just as described. If I could find more necklaces on their site I would order something else!! Hope they get more in stock.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Great product! I wear mine everyday like a manget with very grounding qualities !!

  18. Alexandra

    It’s adorable and I haven’t gotten it off my neck since It arrived!! I love it!!

  19. Mike

    The necklace looks beautiful. If you ever have any questions regarding this necklace, the company also has some of the best customer service you will find!

  20. Pauline martinez

    Very pleased with the purchase. Both chains provided are good quality as well as the hex bullet itself. Perfect Christmas gift

  21. Suzanne Iannaccone

    Seems to be working well for my daughter. Her mood is more positive and balenced. Energy from pendant feels nice.

  22. Nikita

    Got more than I bargained for with this purchase. Good quality and comes with a beautiful silver chain in addition to the black thick thread material that it comes threaded on.

  23. A j

    I love it already; felt the energy from it immediately after putting it on. Thank you so much ♡

  24. Eron Small

    This product is great more people should know about it, As soon as I put it on I felt a difference does well with inflammation and helps with negative thoughts.

  25. Angela Marie

    Beautiful and recieved quickly! I can definitely feel the difference when I’m not wearing it.

  26. Camilla

    Researched a lot about Orgonite after wearing kyanite and moonstone for two years. I’m excited to see what its like to wear a stone that doesn’t need to be charged or need be to ground myself in grass or mud after a particularly grueling day at work as a massage therapist. The craftsmanship is beautiful and I love that I got two choices for cords. I’ll update with the effectiveness in a month ♥️

  27. Carl Moore

    Love this and my wife loves how it looks and feels. Came nicely packaged and is really great quality. I am about to buy another for my daughter. Thanks Ayana Wellness!!

  28. Carra Bowes

    Honestly, I don’t know if this "works" but it feels lovely on and is beautiful. I usually have to take my necklaces off during yoga but the weight and shape of this one doesn’t get in my way even when it is on a longer chain. Definitely a new favorite piece!

  29. LoneStar

    Well what can I say. This pendant along with other Shungite amulets that I have purchased have helped me with my EMF sensitivity as well as my Fibromyalgia. Along with a change in lifestyle and diet I have noticed that I feel like a child again, happy and alive. It’s only been a few days but I hope I get more benefits down the following weeks.

  30. Alison B.

    It looks of very nice quality

  31. Lynn

    Beautiful pendant . I felt positive energy when I put it on. I purchased 1 for both of my children .

  32. Timothy M.

    Very beautiful and it seems to be working. Thank you for adding split rings to allow easier changing of necklaces.

  33. Amazon Customer

    It has helped me tremendously, I can say with 100 percent I feel so much better. The pendant has stopped my wifi headaches which I would have frequently, since wearing it for over 1 month I have not had one. I am so happy knowing there are options to help people with all these EMF we get bombarded with.

  34. Ashley A.

    Just received my neckless today and couldn’t be happier! It’s beautiful! Thank u a million times.

  35. Gino Brown

    This necklace is very, very effective! I’ve cultivated a great deal of positivity since wearing it. If you’re on the fence, just get it, you won’t be disappointed.

  36. Walter Rodriguez

    I loved this pendent and it is well crafted. I did not use the chain or the bang that came with it, but it is a lovely addition if you chose to use them. I would recommend those that are on the fence to purchase this well made pendant!!

  37. Tyler A. Burr

    I never knew just how negative the world was until I started wearing this! It has absolutely flipped the way I interact with the world by helping me to see it in a more positive light!

  38. Gabrielle Wright

    Wanted to wait to write my review until I’d spent enough time with this beauty. I love it!!!! It definitely gives me something; protection, energy, a shield….I’m unsure, but I know I love it and wear it OFTEN.

  39. Sandra

    I recently bought a new car and noticed that I was getting headaches after driving for a few minutes. It occurred to me that my new car has a lot more technology and may be transmitting more EMFs compared my old car. I know that the black tourmaline stone helps protect the body from EMFs. I have this stone in my office and at home. I placed the necklace over the rear view mirror. I am happy to say the headaches are gone.

  40. Mila

    The product arrived faster than I though it would. It was all in one piece!

    Seller is very attentive and intentional. Would definitely recommend and buy again.

  41. wordsmith dean

    I am glad that i purchased this orgonite pendant. We are bothered by the wi fi from our computer modem, and also by radiation from the Smart meter the city water dept. installed. I am in dispute with the water company over that, and i have petitioned them to remove it, and replace with an analog meter.

    We do feel better in our house with the pendants { i purchased my son an orgonite pendant } , as they do give relief from the radiation. I would strongly suggest that everyone buy one to wear, or at least get the key ring, as we are pretty much surrounded by radiation from wi fi and smart meters everywhere we go nowadays.

  42. Laurel Ann Browne

    With the intensity of the EMF frequencies hitting our planet globally you can deflect them wearing this necklace.
    Electromagnetic frequencies interrupt sleeping patterns, computers and all technologies. Protect yourself, your children and families. Laurel Ann Browne

  43. nancy robinson

    Nice good quality. I have noted far less vacuous around me when I were this to work. I have a very stressful job.

  44. Clayton A Gurley

    Excellent quality!

  45. Gisselle aguilar

    I really like it. I got it to protect myself from my phone and wifi radiation. The energy is really strong. When I place it on my stomach the energy moves everything around. its so cool.

  46. G. D.

    I have felt better since I started wearing it.

  47. Pinkie Dabney

    I love how this looks around my neck. I’m not sure if I feel a difference but the look of it is very pretty. I’ve gotten comments about how pretty it was. I would buy again if I had to

  48. Emma

    I am in love with my necklace! Not only have I gotten multiple compliments on it I feel it helping with the daily negative entertainment I encounter!

  49. M. Schulz

    Beautiful quality. Just thought it would be a little bigger. The picture doesn’t show the size of it very accurately.

  50. mylene s.

    My daughter loved her Piezo Orgonite Hex Bullet Pendant Necklace with Bionized Black Tourmaline Crystals. It goes with everything. Came on time. Thank you

  51. Nadia Chapman

    Arrived fast. Very intense at first. But I can feel the difference when iv’e had it on and I take it off for a while. I did replace the chain based off some other reviews and I make sure to take it off during showers. When I wear the pendent I prefer skin contact because I can feel the difference.

  52. Marie Clifton

    I use it as protection from negative energy and electronic energy. I feel more grounded and negative thoughts don’t happen near as much as they use to or effect me as bad. It’s one of best things I bought for myself and my children.

  53. Kathy S. J.

    Very pretty but it feels extremely light.

  54. Roxy

    Its beautiful, right size good for the prize

  55. Mary Liz

    Love my necklace! Many health benefits and very cute! !!

  56. Shimuel Jones

    Perfect gift

  57. Aisha Alfalasi

    Beautiful and very soft

  58. Kylee Marie

    The day after I received this I rode my motorcycle to work. When I went to leave work, my motorcycle wouldn’t start. I was super pissed because I was thinking “this necklace doesn’t work and now I can’t get home.” Turns out that there was a fatal car accident on the same road I take about the same time I would have been in that area. I believe this necklace is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do, protect you. Super happy with the purchase and I have a lot more confidence.

  59. Sheri Ingram

    Very nice! Felt immediately calmer when I placed it around my neck.

  60. Rodney

    Item came in as expected. Can’t really reply about the protection it is meant to give but it looks nice when wearing it.

  61. Dainsleif

    Excellent quality! Works like a charm, can definitely feel the difference when I put it. Normally work is draining but this keeps me peppy!

  62. Double L

    I first heard about orgonite in a youtube video where the gal was wearing a beautiful round orgonite pendant. While I liked hers, I like more of the long thin shaped type jewelry and this one is absolutely perfect. It comes with a black string, which is how I am wearing it at the moment but also comes with a dainty silver colored chain. I would use that for more of a nicer occasion like a date or maybe work. The size is great; not too big, but not too small. All in all, loved the necklace. Would definitely recommend.

  63. Jairo

    Very nice just what i expected and my baby sister loved it more so I’m very pleased with this buy. May get more later on.

  64. Amazon Customer

    This is currently my go to necklace and crystal for healing and transmuting any energy into a more positive feeling. I still need more practice and time with this crystal but so far, I LOVE and it enjoy it so much. 🙂 Highly recommend if you don’t have the money to go out and buy a ton of crystals. This one basically does it all~

  65. Ahiza B

    Very nice. Good energy wearing it, Thank You

  66. Amazon Customer

    It really does raise my vibrations! I feel more energized and creative in the day. I wear it at night while I sleep too. I find it soothing knowing it protects me while I am asleep.

  67. AMeISHA I.

    Love it

  68. N S

    Excellent. I work at a retailer and it’s working immensely well for protection.

  69. Eileen S

    Wonderful product !!

  70. Todd G. MacDonald

    This pendant keeps my intentions on track; it shines with my hopes! …Others ask about it, and express their respect for it.

  71. Ivonne Navarro

    The only downside is that the chain broke right away, but it came with a replacement so that is good
    I bought it mainly because I work in front of a computer every day and I end up drained, so I thought I’d use it to see if It can help with my energy levels after work
    So far so good, haven’t noticed any mayor things but I feel like it does help with energy

  72. Kailah S

    I love how they give you two options for chains. The packaging really shows that the business cares about their customers’ well being.

  73. Angelica Malik

    really nice necklace!

  74. J.K

    The item looks just like the photo and came with a cloth and steel chain necklace. The link and the metal attachment to the pendant seems delicate but, had no issue with it so far. I got this for my daughter. She loves it and wears it everyday. As far as effectiveness of the radiation shield, I am not certain as it is a small pendant encapsulating a small tourmaline, I believe. Regardless, it is a very interesting piece and I’m happy that my young daughter feels it is helping as a radiation shield. …. Now many of her friends wants one.

  75. Jeffrey Karash

    High quality. Still wear everyday for 4 months . I love it!

  76. Riptor

    It looks great I like it, no sure about benefits but wearing during daytime.

  77. Aria B.

    My necklace is cute , but the silver chain was so thin that came with it that I bought one from Michaels arts and crafts instead . It’s a nice orgonite protection charm and I feel as though it works . Ill buy another one sooner as an gift

  78. matthew rosenlund

    Whether it’s a placebo effect or for real, this pendant helps make me feel good. the crystal itself looks great, the clasp and mount are a bit chinsey. The customer service was great, my rope clasp broke and they immediately resolved my issue. Enjoy the peace this brings 🙂

  79. Catherine M. Rollins

    I’m just in love with this company! Beautiful pendant on a black chord style necklace with clasp. Included silver chain to switch out for more eloquent look. I had to include my “collection” because they are consistent with quality and customer needs. I’ve already purchased more. Thank you again!!

  80. Lawrence

    The orgonite pendant is an awesome product. I can feel the charge in my body when I wear it. I use it to shield radiation from my cell phone, laptop and smart TV. My wife also got one. She told me that she can feel the sensation through her body as well. It truly does it’s job. The pendant is beautiful along with the silver chain. It also comes with a black string, that suits a male as opposed to the silver chain, which more suits ladies. My wife loves her chain, however, I chose to put my pendant on a more fancy chain. The product is fantastic. I highly recommend it to everyone who use electronic devices. Keep Healthy!

  81. aquamarine

    It might only be in my mind … but I feel better when I wear this 🙂 Very nice item for a modest price.

  82. Linda Carver

    I received my necklace yesterday. I noticed a positive change all around me after wearing it for the evening. The necklace is very lightweight and I like how it comes with a black cord and also a silver chain (not real silver f.y.i.), if you want to change it up. Just be careful with it, as it can get scratched up easily. Overall, if you’re looking to attract positive energy into your life, then I suggest this orgonite necklace

  83. Riri

    The necklace looks as it described! Fast shipping! The chain not as strong quality so might have to find a strong chain.

  84. Monique Mitchell

    As you open the package you feel the energy change. I was actually having a 6 hour text argument so very low and negative energy and heartache. I opened up the package and I could feel my aura flip. I put it on and my heartache ceased. The negative energy changed and it felt like my whole bubble changed…
    So I put this to use during a very negative time and the energy change and shift was palpable.
    I love the product will be getting more. And this seller has always have good stuff

  85. K. Bell

    Felt great energy as soon as I put on the necklace. Too much energy as if I had drink an energy drink. I noticed it also helped with my temper also!!

  86. cody budd

    Product came fast and was well wrapped. It appears to be nicely hand crafted, all in all I’d say it is a great buy.

  87. Aimee

    I’m so impressed by how this little crystal works!! You can feel it the moment you put it on!!

  88. Dylan

    Going through a very spiritual awakening in my life right now. My uncle told me to change my energy with stones and crystals. So I ordered two from Wayana Wellness. 100% satisfied, crystals look great they give you two options of chains. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments on them. They also have great customer service they’re very nice and will answer any questions you may have. Highly recommend for any of your crystal needs!

  89. Kristina

    I’m not sure if the product is working. The first night I wore it I had a bad dream. It may have been that it was a detox. I’ve continued to wear the product. I haven’t noticed anything else. I hope that it is working. I am overall happy with it.

  90. Mark E. Cline

    I am satisfied with my purchase. I wanted to balance my electromagnetic fields to "natural". Your product achieves your claims,
    Thank you,
    S: MEC

  91. Amber Swecker

    Stunning piece of work! Beautifully packaged with two chain options and a nice little velvet bag to keep it safe in. Ive non stop worn it since I got it, and show it off to anyone that will listen. I LOVE it!! Grab yourself one!

  92. Bees

    I’m very satisfied with my new necklaces! They come in a nice velvet bag for storage and a silver chain plus a black rope. It seems to be working for a minor protection stone.

  93. David H. Stawarz

    Wife loved it. i will definitely shop here again!

  94. Staci

    They are small but i love mine. I bought several as gifts. Will keep buying from this group. I have several orgonite pyramids from them too.

  95. Rebecca Athey

    I like the quality of the necklace and I love how it came with two different chains. I wear it everyday.

  96. Angela

    Beautiful pendant! Purchased as a gift for a man, so changing the chain to a more sturdy cord was a personal choice. He loved it!

  97. Johnny

    I put the pendant on my own necklace and like it much better. Necklace felt a little cheap. Other than that I wear it daily.

  98. Amazon Customer

    Not sure if it works yet but superb quality for the price. Just got it in the mail today.

  99. Tracy

    I purchased these as gifts, and they arrived just after the holiday, which I am okay since I don’t celebrate them. The gifts were well received, and I have purchased another lot. Great price for excellent quality. The item came with two types of necklaces in a black velvet pouch. Did you see the price? This item exceeded my expectations. Thanks.

  100. Ashley

    Took forever to receive, but cant beat it for the price. Crystal is very nice. Chain looks cheap, we will see how long it lasts, but I love the clasp.

  101. Amazon Customer

    Necklace is beautiful and have calming effect.

  102. Tricia Hicks

    This was a perfect size for everyday wear but I had purchased it for my boyfriend to place in his car , he doesn’t wear it but did hang it on his rear view mirror .

  103. Kylie Jude

    This is the first orgone product I’ve purchased (wanted to try something cheap to see how well it works) and I actually love it. There are a couple downsides though, like the fact that the cord came separately and has no clasps so you just have to tie it in a Knott (I recommend burning the ends too, so it won’t unravel as easily) and also the silver at the top of the pendant is crooked, which worried me at first but isn’t too noticeable unless it’s right in front of your face. I had used another pendant previously to block radiation and its effect ended up being way too heavy for me energetically, so this is a nice contrast because while it doesn’t block as much radiation it also doesn’t feel heavy – more like a filter than a block if that makes sense. I do still get computer headaches sometimes with this on so I wasn’t sure it was working at all, but after wearing it for a week straight (showers and all and still looks like new) I took it off and suddenly got dizzy and light headed. So apparently it’s pretty grounding! Not a bad deal, for the price.

  104. Johnathan David

    Seem to have an easier time after having it on when I’m around people with negative energy.
    Used to feel like they would drain me off my energy but no longer feeling that way once I started to put this on.

  105. isaac ramirez

    The hex bullet pendant looks great. but the chain it came with was way too small, I had to replace it with a longer one.

  106. tomek madro

    Wish it was bigger.

  107. Mia Berrios

    Works perfectly

  108. Connie Frost

    A lovely looking pendant, good quality and comes nicely presented with a choice of 2 chains (1 black cloth/1 silver) in a nice small black holder. I’m pleased with my purchase and the delivery is good.

  109. Lucas Ng

    Small, elegant and affordable

  110. Wanda Rebiejo

    This is a beautiful pendant and one I will wear often.

  111. Angelica R

    I needed this necklace to block EMFs — I work repairing LED circuit boards, so I’m constantly working with or am surrounded by electronics. Before I got the necklace I would get headaches ALL THE TIME, I always felt drained of energy, and I had a VERY hard time getting to sleep… since I’ve started wearing it, headaches have been few and far between, I no longer feel drained, and my sleep schedule slowly got fixed. This necklace WORKS! But also, I love how beautiful this necklace is. I saw various other necklaces from other vendors, but this one is the prettiest by far!

  112. Amazon Customer

    The pendant is nicer than what I expected. I looks and feels great wearing it. The chain is the only draw back only because it’s on the shorter side. I reccomend if you do buy this beautiful piece to probably look for a longer chain.

  113. Liane Rich

    Love the chain. Hangs just right. Love the crystal to!

  114. Milena

    Doesn’t look like a Krystal, it has air bubbles as in glass. So I’m not so sure about it. But looks cute and comes with 2 chains.

  115. Nata

    Looks nice

  116. Tyamahri

    When i first got it like the tourmaline I had a strange dream of a negative entity, dont know if it has anything to do with the necklace.

  117. Devo

    Took me about 2 days to notice the energy shift between me having it on & off. I Only take it off to shower. My energy definitely feels protected and I’m more at peace with life now than I’ve ever been. Focus on positivity, kindness, & clean Energy while smoking a JOINT of good weed (Not a Blunt). (I live in Michigan where recreational marijuana USE is Legal).

  118. jill kane

    Love it, and it comes with both an extra chain.

  119. Amazon Customer

    As with a few other reviews I have read, my lanyard broke on the 2nd day I had it. I was not rough with it at all. I still like the pendant so I just put it on my keychain, no big deal, I am satisfied, so 4 of 5 stars because of the lanyard breaking. I would buy from Ayana again, they just need to strengthen their lanyard/necklace selection.

  120. Shauna

    If you take the time to really feel the magic within the crystal you can feel it spread through the body. I recommend this to anyone and everyone!

  121. Victor Cillo

    I’m very satisfied with this purchase, and also I recommend this item, it’s very helpful

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