Piezo Electric Large Orgonite Necklace with Bionized Black Tourmaline Crystals

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  • Large Size Pendant, 2” x 1.5”, with an adjustable 16”-24” black leather cord
  • Premium quality poly-resin with copper metal shavings, Cho Ku Rei piezo coil element and bionized Black Tourmaline Crystals
  • Charged by a certified Reiki master using Earth attunement and Shuman Resonant Frequencies
  • Free Ebook on the history of orgonite and the many different ways it can benefit you.
  • Protect yourself from harmful rays including cell phone, microwave, tv and computer radiation and EMF with this tested versatile orgone energy device. The addition of Bionized Black Tourmaline crystals into the matrix provides for an even stronger defense from harmful energy.


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Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metal shavings, and crystals. Inspired by the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the early 20th century, orgonite was created to help protect your body and space against man-made radiation and negative energy, leading to improvements in your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

The repelling of the organic materials (resin) and the inorganic materials (metal shavings) creates a scrubbing action, and the crystal gives off a healing energy. The three of those together give your body (or a space) clean energy that’s no longer stagnant or negative, freeing up space for more positive experiences. This special combination of products allows those who use them to say goodbye to the burden of bad energy.

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16 reviews for Piezo Electric Large Orgonite Necklace with Bionized Black Tourmaline Crystals

  1. Amazon Customer

    Great little addition to my good energy boosters

    Great little addition to my good energy boosters. And very easy to wear and light weight while working. I submerged it in water over night once I received it so that it could charged and cleanse its self.

  2. Patricia Ohara

    Pretty necklace!

    Pretty necklace but broke. Still haven’t got around to fixing it yet.

    Update: The company was great and sent a replacement. Very nice to do so. I like the piece very much.

  3. Susana Gomez


    You will love this necklace! They even send an ebook before getting it. They are so easy and flexible to work with. You won’t regret buying this for yourself or even gifting it. I have another necklace from this same company & I love it just as much as this one. You guys should look at other beautiful pieces they have 🙂

  4. Sara Kracke

    Replaced it for me no questions asked.

    When I first bought this it had a lot of problems with it. The necklace was scratched, the metal thing holding the necklace broke, and when I walked it never stayed it’s right side up. I think I just got a poorly made one. When I contacted them they shipped me a new one no questions asked. This one is a lot better. No scratches, no problems. Would recommend.

  5. Terri Estrada

    Happy with my purchase!

    I have been wearing it and have received compliments on it as well. I wear it for it’s positive and wellness benefits. I thought it might have a higher quality look so I gave it four stars but other than that I am happy with my purchase.

  6. R. Garwood

    Nice piece!

    Necklace was as described, lightweight and nice size. I’ve been wearing it since I received it and so far, so good. Thank you!

  7. Amazon Customer

    I couldn’t sleep until I took it off!

    This necklace is the TRUTH! The first day I received it, I wore it all night and stayed up all night. I later realized that I still had it on at 430am! I took it off and finally dozed off! It kept me more alert all day and wasn’t as drowsy! Now I remember to take it off before bed! 🤦🤗

  8. George Mendez

    love it

    its perfect

  9. Mc Lovin

    Good product..long ship time..but its coming from India..well packaged and cared for

    Love everything..I feel as though it really helps..I feel like poo when I remove it even for a day..oredered one for the hubby too

  10. Kati Rausch

    Great and beautiful necklace!

    I am very satisfied with this necklace. It works 🙂

  11. ReRe

    This company is awesome, they corrected with an immediate response with correction and kind words ✌

    Hi, this is a nice present with health benefits. Worth the money and my daughter is very pleased with the necklace,very pretty style✌we will be changing the chain other than that, sweet 😊✌

  12. Evelyn F Ansel

    Emf protection

    Was expecting more metals, but it is nice.

  13. Jil Becsi

    Made well got here quickly owners followed up within 1 days telling me it was on its way

    It was big and beautiful I bought two one for me and one for a loved one I wore it the first day and felt balanced
    Everyone commented how pretty it was
    I love it

  14. Casey Farmer

    Handcrafted cuteness!

    I really like this necklace. I am someone who is very sensitive to subtle energies, EMF’s, etc. so I love having a piece of orgonite on me! It’s very cute and handcrafted.

  15. Riri

    Give healing and a gorgeous pendant!

    Love this necklace!!! Got this thanx to recommendation from youtuber stargirl! I get so many compliments! It’s light on your neck too. The only thing is the chain not good quality so need to replace it with a better chain. Besides that I believed the pendant is doing it thing because I do feel better.

  16. Blanche Weiss

    The necklace arrived on time in perfect condition. What I liked best was

    The necklace arrived on time in perfect condition. What I liked best was: I was delighted to see that the pendant is beautiful, well designed and perfect size and weight. It is a pleasure to wear, and I already bought one more and gave it to a friend who is also delighted to wear it.
    There is not one negative word I would say about it. Thank you for a lovely and beneficial product.

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