Piezo Orgonite Hex Bullet Pendant Necklace with Bionized Black Tourmaline Crystals

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✔Beautiful Hexagonal Bullet Shape Pendant –  2” x 1.5”, with Quality Silver Plated 18” Chain and an adjustable 16”-24” black leather cord. Makes a perfect Valentine’s day gift!

✔PREMIUM QUALITY –  poly-resin with copper metal shavings, Cho Ku Rei piezo coil element and bionized Black Tourmaline Crystals

✔CHARGED BY A  CERTIFIED REIKI MASTER –  using Earth attunement and Shuman Resonant Frequencies

✔Free Ebook – on the history of orgonite and the many different ways it can benefit you.

✔EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY FROM AYANA WELLNESS. 6 month manufacturer’s product warranty is exclusive through sales from Ayana Wellness and authorized resellers. Purchases made through unauthorized resellers do not fall under manufacturer’s warranty


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Protect yourself from harmful rays including cell phone, microwave, tv and computer radiation and EMF with this tested versatile orgone energy device. The addition of Bionized Black Tourmaline crystals into the matrix provides for an even stronger defense from harmful energy.

Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metal shavings, and crystals. Inspired by the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the early 20th century, orgonite was created to help protect your body and space against man-made radiation and negative energy, leading to improvements in your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

The repelling of the organic materials (resin) and the inorganic materials (metal shavings) creates a scrubbing action, and the crystal gives off a healing energy. The three of those together give your body (or a space) clean energy that’s no longer stagnant or negative, freeing up space for more positive experiences. This special combination of products allows those who use them to say goodbye to the burden of bad energy.

23 reviews for Piezo Orgonite Hex Bullet Pendant Necklace with Bionized Black Tourmaline Crystals

  1. Morpheus

    This thing works for me…

    I know orgonite works, as I’ve made some of my own towerbusters. They take negative energy and convert it in into positive energy. With this pendant, it makes it better for me when I use my Bluetooth headset. Without it, I get a headache from using it. With this pendant, it holds off the time that my head starts hurting. I know that we’re not supposed to use the Bluetooth headsets, but they are very convenient. I only turn it on when I need to use it, otherwise I have it turned off.

  2. Linda Carver

    Attracts positive vibes

    I received my necklace yesterday. I noticed a positive change all around me after wearing it for the evening. The necklace is very lightweight and I like how it comes with a black cord and also a silver chain (not real silver f.y.i.), if you want to change it up. Just be careful with it, as it can get scratched up easily. Overall, if you’re looking to attract positive energy into your life, then I suggest this orgonite necklace

  3. debra duncan

    this is like chicken soup ……

    This is like chicken soup – not sure it’s really helping but it definitely isn’t hurting. I can’t tell if it’s working, so I’m not really sure what to say. It’s pretty, so I’m giving it 4 stars

  4. Double L

    Beautiful eye catching shavings inside

    I first heard about orgonite in a youtube video where the gal was wearing a beautiful round orgonite pendant. While I liked hers, I like more of the long thin shaped type jewelry and this one is absolutely perfect. It comes with a black string, which is how I am wearing it at the moment but also comes with a dainty silver colored chain. I would use that for more of a nicer occasion like a date or maybe work. The size is great; not too big, but not too small. All in all, loved the necklace. Would definitely recommend.

  5. Amazon Customer


    I bought this for my mom because she had been hinting at that she wanted one lol. She was so excited when I got it for her! Read up on the benefits of having one and you’ll surely buy one yourself lol, really pretty and the benefits are great!(:

  6. Keichera M.

    Love it overall

    Beautiful. Have gotten so many compliments on it. My only complaint is that the silver cap has turned. Photos not great representation of how pretty it actually is.

  7. Laurel Ann Browne


    With the intensity of the EMF frequencies hitting our planet globally you can deflect them wearing this necklace.
    Electromagnetic frequencies interrupt sleeping patterns, computers and all technologies. Protect yourself, your children and families. Laurel Ann Browne

  8. jabs

    Very Awesome! I am a Reiki Master and I can …

    Very Awesome! I am a Reiki Master and I can feel the Crystals doing exactly as they are suppose to do. I have recommended this necklace to several people. Great job and Idea!

  9. Lawrence

    It Works

    The orgonite pendant is an awesome product. I can feel the charge in my body when I wear it. I use it to shield radiation from my cell phone, laptop and smart TV. My wife also got one. She told me that she can feel the sensation through her body as well. It truly does it’s job. The pendant is beautiful along with the silver chain. It also comes with a black string, that suits a male as opposed to the silver chain, which more suits ladies. My wife loves her chain, however, I chose to put my pendant on a more fancy chain. The product is fantastic. I highly recommend it to everyone who use electronic devices. Keep Healthy!

  10. Amazon Customer

    This necklace made me a believer in orgonite

    I really like this pendant. It is super light and pretty. It’s adjustable in the back and already the perfect length for me as is. I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my life after purchasing this item. I’m able to listen to my body better and get more sleep. This necklace made me a believer in orgonite.
    UPDATE: the clasp started giving me problems and the necklace kept coming off, didn’t even notice when I lost my pendant.

  11. Monique Mitchell

    Powerful and Awesome.

    As you open the package you feel the energy change. I was actually having a 6 hour text argument so very low and negative energy and heartache. I opened up the package and I could feel my aura flip. I put it on and my heartache ceased. The negative energy changed and it felt like my whole bubble changed…
    So I put this to use during a very negative time and the energy change and shift was palpable.
    I love the product will be getting more. And this seller has always have good stuff

  12. Sandra

    Very happy

    I recently bought a new car and noticed that I was getting headaches after driving for a few minutes. It occurred to me that my new car has a lot more technology and may be transmitting more EMFs compared my old car. I know that the black tourmaline stone helps protect the body from EMFs. I have this stone in my office and at home. I placed the necklace over the rear view mirror. I am happy to say the headaches are gone.

  13. Angelica

    Blocks EMFs and looks STUNNING!

    I needed this necklace to block EMFs — I work repairing LED circuit boards, so I’m constantly working with or am surrounded by electronics. Before I got the necklace I would get headaches ALL THE TIME, I always felt drained of energy, and I had a VERY hard time getting to sleep… since I’ve started wearing it, headaches have been few and far between, I no longer feel drained, and my sleep schedule slowly got fixed. This necklace WORKS! But also, I love how beautiful this necklace is. I saw various other necklaces from other vendors, but this one is the prettiest by far!

  14. Brian Radomski

    The customer service is amazing, and they responded quickly to each message

    As a Reiki master who is sensitive to energies, i can say that this is the real deal. I don’t believe in buying Reiki charged items, because the Reiki vibrations will fade over time. That being said, this is worth buying even if it isn’t Reiki charged. From the moment i picked it up, i felt a shift in energy, and within a couple of days, i noticed a visible difference in my stress levels and feel more grounded and peaceful. The customer service is amazing, and they responded quickly to each message. I plan to buy more as gifts.

  15. Breeanna Fajardo

    Definitely recommendable!

    First off, I love it.
    Speedy delivery, and outstanding customer service. Ive had my Orgonite for a short time. The two chains that come with are very useful.
    Not sure if anything will rust. Lol I tend to wear this most of time.
    I appreciate the concern of yours.
    This customer is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 🙂

  16. Kristina

    So far So good

    I’m not sure if the product is working. The first night I wore it I had a bad dream. It may have been that it was a detox. I’ve continued to wear the product. I haven’t noticed anything else. I hope that it is working. I am overall happy with it.

  17. Ivonne Navarro

    Good product

    The only downside is that the chain broke right away, but it came with a replacement so that is good
    I bought it mainly because I work in front of a computer every day and I end up drained, so I thought I’d use it to see if It can help with my energy levels after work
    So far so good, haven’t noticed any mayor things but I feel like it does help with energy

  18. Silverwolf


    Great packaging – no damage to the stone. Arrived on time. Quality s great. Only thing was this stone was a little larger than what I am used to wearing but will give it a try after cleansing it on the upcoming full moon. Has a black cord with a clasp and a silver-colored chian. Would buy from this shop again.

  19. Eusto

    Looks pretty and works

    I used to have brain fog, fatigue and problems that don’t allow me to focus but ever since I got the pendant, I’ve noticed a big change in my life. The past few weeks I feel that I have been sleeping well and when I wake up I feel incredibly rested. I also don’t have headache problems anymore. I think this pendant is helping me a lot and it’s strange because we can’t see radiation, but it just benefitted me so much and I just have to believe it. I am amazed by how good the product it.

  20. Carra Bowes

    I don’t know if this “works” but it feels lovely on and is beautiful. I usually have to take my necklaces off …

    Honestly, I don’t know if this “works” but it feels lovely on and is beautiful. I usually have to take my necklaces off during yoga but the weight and shape of this one doesn’t get in my way even when it is on a longer chain. Definitely a new favorite piece!

  21. Staci

    Small but powerful

    They are small but i love mine. I bought several as gifts. Will keep buying from this group. I have several orgonite pyramids from them too.

  22. Gabrielle Wright

    Beautiful Energy and Lovely.

    Wanted to wait to write my review until I’d spent enough time with this beauty. I love it!!!! It definitely gives me something; protection, energy, a shield….I’m unsure, but I know I love it and wear it OFTEN.

  23. Jonathan H.

    Very good product

    Love this necklace with orgone. Cannot say I feel different wearing it, but i really like the design and wear it almost all the time.
    I also received this bagde with horse from this company. Very satisfied with the product.

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