Raw Baltic Amber Teething Necklace For Baby


  • NATURAL TEETHING RELIEF: Amber has been used for centuries to sooth pain, reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. It has healing properties that make it ideal to safely and naturally relieve swollen gums, drooling and grumpiness. You and your baby will notice a difference immediately!
  • GENUINE RUSSIAN BALTIC AMBER: This necklace is made from real, ethically sourced Russian Baltic amber. Only Baltic amber from Russian sources contains high quantities of succinic acid – the active ingredient that helps relieve the pain and discomfort of teething. Accept no substitutes.
  • ETHICALLY MADE BY EXPERT CRAFTSPEOPLE: Not just anyone can make a necklace like this. It has to be made by experts who can select pieces of amber with the most therapeutic qualities. Our team are well paid and highly trained, with years of experience in Russian Baltic amber work.
  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: The safety of your child is paramount for us. The tight screw clasp stops your child from removing the necklace. The strong knot between the beads means that the pieces of amber can’t come loose, even in the unlikely event that the tough, durable necklace breaks.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We’ve seen how effectively this necklace calms and soothes teething babies, and we invite you to see it for yourself – absolutely risk free. If your baby isn’t immediately calmer, happier and more relaxed, then just send the necklace back to us for a full refund.


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Sooth Baby’s Sore Gums and Stop Drooling, Fever and Fussiness

Russian Baltic Amber contains succinic acid, a natural substance with incredibly therapeutic qualities. It boosts the immune system, it’s a natural analgesic and it reduces inflammation. It’s also incredibly safe, with no risk of accumulation in the body.

All of these properties make it the perfect way to relieve the symptoms of teething. It’s a holistic method that really and truly works.


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