Pyrite – From ‘Fool’s Gold’ To A Therapeutic Crystal

Golden pyrite stone

If you have read about the famous gold rush, you would know that prospecting for gold became an obsession with prospectors. Such was this obsession that many newbies were taken in by ‘Fool’s Gold’, a mineral that imitated real gold. ‘Fool’s Gold’ was nothing but Pyrite.

Pyrite possess the sheen and luster of real gold. So, it was not surprising that this glittering mineral was mistaken for real gold by the uninitiated. Even some unscrupulous mine owners planted pyrite in their mines to convince prospective buyers of the presence of gold in them.

Of course, pyrite is different from real gold. For one, it is lighter in color, much harder and more fragile. Unlike a real gold nugget, pyrite is resistant to scratching, even with a knife. Since, this crystal can produce sparks through friction, it was named Pyrite, a name derived from the Greek ‘pyr’ or ‘pyros’, meaning ‘fire’.

Physical characteristics

Pyrite is a mineral of iron sulfide and is found across the globe, either as sedimentary deposits or in hydrothermal veins or as one of the constituent composing metamorphic rocks. Pyrite crystals exist in many forms, such as striated cubes, globes, grains, radial disks and even as 12-sided pentagonal dodecahedral.

The pale brassy-yellow color of this crystal with a strong golden luster, sets it apart from the rest. However, some pyrite crystals may be darker brownish-gold in color.

Pyrite corresponds to the Earth element and resonates with the Fire energy. This makes it a masculine stone of action that allows one to tap into one’s abilities and potential.


Physical and emotional health benefits

Pyrite has proven effective in crystal therapy:

  Physical Health and well-being

Pyrite draws universal energies to nourish those present in the body, thereby keeping the person in good health. For those ailing with no cure in sight, this crystal provides quick relief by bringing out its causes for examination. It also gets to the root of the problem to facilitate its effective resolution.

Another positive aspect of Pyrite is its protective nature. This crystal protects against environmental pollutants and infectious diseases, such as colds and flus. It also helps fight against skin diseases and fungal infections. For those stricken with fever or inflammation, this crystal helps to decrease its severity. This also makes it an ideal stone for protecting healthcare providers.

  Emotional health and well-being  

Pyrite infuses positivity and is named the crystal of positive energy. It keeps melancholy and depression at bay. It counters negative thoughts of defeat and despair. One becomes more proactive and outgoing under the influence of this crystal, as it raises self-esteem and infuses self-confidence.

This crystal provides an insight into words and actions of others to reveal their true motive. This way it warns against any pitfalls or nefarious designs that others may weave.



Source of Pyrite

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