Rose Quartz Crystal – A Healing Stone For Many Ailments


The lovely rose pink colored Rose Quartz healing crystal would exhibit an alluring presence in any piece of jewelry, but as a pendant in a necklace, it looks really out of this world! This is because the pink in this crystal is not of a single tone, but comes in the most attractive range of pinks, making each piece of jewelry unique.


A crystal of unconditional love


Rose Quartz crystal, down the ages, has been deemed a crystal of unconditional love. It is thought to emit wonderful loving vibrations that help in strengthening romantic relationships. This crystal also possesses the qualities of a powerful aphrodisiac that stimulates and invigorates. It is also considered a mothering crystal that promotes bonding of mothers with their offspring.


Also known as ‘love stone’, Rose Quartz crystal infuses one with love, joy and warmth, as also helps in emotional healing. Little wonder, this stone has established itself as a healing stone.


A crystal with healing powers 

Some of the best Rose Quartz healing crystals come from Madagascar, India, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and the US. They may be transparent, translucent or opaque, all displaying shades of pink, ranging from pale to deep pink.

Whatever be the physical characteristics of Rose Quartz healing crystals, they all possess excellent healing qualities. Let us have a look at them:


 ●  Balances energy: Rose Quartz crystal is associated with the heart chakra and   helps unite all other chakra with the heart. It balances the yin-yang energy by   stimulating the base chakra, thereby rejuvenating the physical self.

   Aids sleeping: This crystal is known to induce sleep in both children and adult,   giving rise to cheerful dreams and preventing nightmares.

   Alleviates pain: Rose Quartz has been found to ease the pain of childbirth and   aids in mother’s quick recovery. It provides relief to babies suffering from stomach   and colic pains.


 ●   Busts stress: This crystal has a calming effect. It not only helps in de- stressing the mind, but also keeps one composed during trauma or crisis. It is also effective in dealing with emotional upheavals, mid-life crisis and grief. By dissipating anger and resentment, it prevents strain on the heart.

 ●   Repairs the body: Not only does this crystal diminish scars and marks on the skin, but also soothes burns and reduces blistering.

●   Regulates bodily functions: This crystal is effective in proper functioning of the heart and regulating the circulatory system. Being associated with the heart, it remedies palpitations, irregular heart rhythms and skipped beats. It heals the kidneys, lungs and female reproductive system. It also eliminates impurities and toxins from the body.

Using Rose Quartz crystal


A crystal is most effective if it remains in contact with the body and what better way than using a Rose Quartz healing crystal necklace with Rose Quartz as a pendant that touches

the skin in the vicinity of the heart.


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