Rose Quartz – The Crystal of Love


It is really a wonder how a stone, which is just silica and no different from other quartz-based crystals, can influence love and beauty. But, this is exactly what Rose Quartz does and how!

From time immemorial, Rose Quartz has remained a symbol of love and intimacy. Found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, South Africa and the US, this crystal holds the power to strengthen relationships, boost self-love and cement loving bonds. Little wonder it continues to be worn by people from all walks of life.

Pink – the color of Love

What attracts one to this unique crystal of love is its color. No other crystal displays a rose tint as alluring as does Rose Quartz. The differing shades of pink puts this crystal in a league of its own.


What’s more, the origin of its pink color still remains a mystery. Although scientists point towards the presence of impurities of titanium, iron or manganese that imbues it with pink color, some other minerals in quartz may also be responsible for the same.


The Lure of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has been variously called ‘pink quartz’ and ‘love stone’ since ancient times. Greeks considered it a stone of Venus, while the Egyptians revered it as youth preserver and an anti-aging stone. However, it is the crystal’s quality of infusing sincere love in all kinds of relationships that attract people to it.

The unique gift of this love stone is its ability to awaken your sense of beauty. Appreciating the beauty in others is what leads the wearer to profess his or her eternal love for others. The crystal’s power to enhance self-love and boost self-esteem, empowers the wearer to love and be loved.

This profusion of love is what leads to happiness, and internal peace and calmness. This, in turn, helps in spiritual development and self-growth. Rose Quartz is also a great emotional healer, especially important for those undergoing heartbreak and rejection or facing a troubled marital life.

Using Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz displays the most powerful emotional healing properties pertaining to love and relationships. The best way to use this crystal is to either put it under your pillow or in the love corner of your home. You can also put several such love crystals all over the bedroom to partake its soothing loving energy.

The effect of Rose Quartz is such that it helps you see things clearly in your romantic endeavors. It also shows the strength of your relationship and where your love is headed, providing you the capacity to deepen your love.

Surprisingly, this crystal also makes you perceive the love emanating from your partner, as it gives you the capability of seeing things from your partner’s perspective. This is because this crystal of love opens up the mind to encompass others.


Buying Rose Quartz

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