The Benefits Of Wearing Orgonite As A Pendant

Orgonite Crystal



Of all the crystals, Orgonite is one that is man-made. It is thanks to Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, who, in the early 20th Century took up the research on orgone energy, variously known as bio-energy, chi and prana. It was he who found out that organic materials attract and retain orgone energy, while inorganic metals both attract and repel at the same time.



With this knowledge, Dr. Reich put together resin and metals, and added a quartz to balance and harmonize the bio-energy so produced. The end result was an Orgonite crystal that emanated orgone energy.


Orgonite, to be effective, needs to have a half and half combination of resin, which is organic due to the petrochemicals in it, and metal shavings that are inorganic. For the Orgonite to emit orgone energy, it also requires a quartz. This is made possible due to the piezoelectric properties of the quartz that gives off charge under pressure.


This charge, together with the ‘scrubbing’ action of resin and metal due to constant attracting and repelling, gives off the orgone energy.

What are the benefits of Orgonite?

Dr. Reich’s discovery of orgone energy proved immensely beneficial for health. Although its effect may differ from person to person, it has positive effect on all.

Let’s see some of its benefits:

  • Orgonite is an efficient ‘cleaner’ of stagnant and negative energies.
  • People using Orgonite feel more energized that, in some, manifest as a tingling or warm sensation.
  • It is a godsend for those suffering from mood swings, since Orgonite works towards mental calmness and balances moods.
  • Orgonite works as a sleeping aid. With its use, insomniacs or those who have difficulty in sleeping, not only sleep soundly, but also have vivid dreams.
  • Orgonite boosts the immune system, thereby increasing the body’s resistance to illness.
  • Orgonite provides protection against electromagnetic radiations, emanating from electronic items and high-tension wires.
  • Orgonite makes plants grow profusely.
  • On the spiritual plane, it aids in meditation by calming the mind that helps in spiritual growth.
  • Orgonite can transform energy from an unbalanced state into a healthier state. It can also add positive energy when necessary.

How to use Orgonite?

The simplest way to use orgonite is to place it in your home to balance the energies. However, to make the crystal more effective, you can place it strategically in areas that hold pockets of negative energy. You can easily identify such areas, if they make you lazy and lethargic. Keeping Orgonite in such places helps improve the energy flow.

However, there is certainly no better way of obtaining the full advantage of Orgonite then by carrying it on person at all times. One way to carry it on person is by wearing it in a pendant.

There are immense benefits of wearing Orgonite as a pendant. The orgone energy emitted by the Orgonite pendant is always protecting you wherever you go by blocking the electromagnetic radiations. It also improves health and infuses the body with more energy and verve.









How to get Orgonite pendants?



Ayana Wellness, an online crystal retailer, offers beautiful hexagonal bullet-shaped Orgonite pendant in a quality silver plated chain with adjustable black leather cord. The pendant has been charged by a certified Reiki master using Earth attunement and Shuman Resonant Frequencies. You can order this Orgonite pendant from

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