Tiger Eye – The Stone Of No Fear

Tiger is regarded as one of the most fearless and powerful predators found in India and the Southeast Asia. It was probably this striped creature that inspired the name of this warm and radiant stone, called Tiger Eye, that emanates such powerful energy, as to resonate with the frequency of the earth.

Actually, this stone is so named because its color, that ranges from yellow-brown to golden-brown, is akin to the eye of a tiger or a cat. Like a tiger, this stone too has striated bands on its body.

Source of Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is abundantly found in Thailand and South Africa’s Northern Cape Province. However, it is also mined in China, India, Myanmar, Spain, Namibia, USA, Canada, Western Australia and Brazil.

This stone belongs to the quartz family, but is not classified as a quartz crystal. This is because it is infused with gold asbestos fibers that makes its color golden.



Historical significance of Tiger Eye

Since antiquity, Tiger Eye has been credited with the power of an ‘all-seeing and all-knowing’ stone. This made the ancient Egyptians use this stone as eyes of their deities. The eastern mythology regarded this stone as a magical tiger that was powerful and courageous, like the beast.

Romans used this stone to gain courage in battle and as a shield against enemy weapons. Throughout history, this stone has been hailed as a stone of prosperity, good fortune and courage.

Characteristics of Tiger Eye

The past attributes of Tiger Eye still hold true. It still remains a mysterious and all empowering stone that wards off fear and terror. Aligned to the solar plexus chakra, it boosts personal power, sharpens inner vision, harmonizes and balances the body, and provides protection against negative energy.

However, the greatest quality of Tiger Eye is its power to impart courage, self-confidence and a strong will power. This helps in overcoming fear of all kinds, whether it is your inner fear of failure or fear of outside elements. It has been found to add to your determination in achieving whatever you desire. It also acts as a protective stone, especially during travel.



Not only does Tiger Eye help you to overcome fear, but it also makes you proactive in taking action, accomplish goals and reach critical decisions, bereft of fear and anxiety. It makes you strong enough to tackle any difficulties that come your way.

This stone also has the capability of boosting the energies of any other stone that you may be using. Combined with others, it becomes a powerful instrument in attracting all the positive energies that contribute towards health and happiness.




Using the Tiger Eye

The best way to take full advantage of Tiger Eye is to wear it as a piece of jewelry, such as a pendant, ring or a bracelet. This keeps the stone close to the solar plexus chakra.

Another way is to place it in your purse or pocket. If you want to infuse your home or office with Tiger Eye energy, the best place to park is in the south corner of the premises.

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